South Korea’s E-Sports Team Advances to Finals at the Asian Games despite Absence of Star Player

An Exciting Milestone: E-sports Becomes an Official Sport

The world of competitive gaming is buzzing with excitement as e-sports achieves the status of an official sport. Emerging as a surreptitious phenomenon, e-sports has now garnered tremendous popularity and captivated the attention of a global audience.

Team Korea Shines Bright

Our national team, led by the esteemed star “Faker” Sang-hyeok Lee, has achieved a momentous victory by triumphing over the home team of China and securing their spot in the finals, even in the absence of Lee himself. This remarkable feat has not only elevated the prestige of our team, but also paved the way for e-sports to gain further recognition on the international platform.

The Thrilling Atmosphere in Hangzhou

The semi-finals between Korea and China were held at the electrifying e-sports stadium in Hangzhou. The eve of the holidays couldn’t deter the ardor of local fans, who flocked to the stadium in anticipation of an exhilarating clash between these two championship contenders. Such is the immense passion for e-sports in this region that all 5,000 seats were fervently occupied. With ticket prices starting at 80,000 won, acquiring a seat was no easy feat, as it could only be obtained through a lottery system.

In a display of sheer adoration for the players, Chinese fans were seen proudly donning Korean player uniforms, particularly that of the star contender, Lee Sang-hyeok, famously known as “Faker”. The overwhelming support from both local and international fans exuded an infectious energy, amplifying the spirited atmosphere within the stadium.

Korea’s Spectacular Triumph

Amidst the one-sided support from the Chinese home fans, the national team managed to hold their ground, forging ahead with determination. The resounding cheer, echoing through the stadium – “cheer up! cheer up! cheer up!” – acted as a catalyst for every play made by the Chinese team, intensifying the thrill of the competition.

However, refusing to be overshadowed, the Korean team showcased their prowess and emerged victorious with a resounding 2-0 win, securing their place in the grand finals of League of Legends. In an act of redemption from their defeat in the exhibition event five years ago, this triumph has undoubtedly assuaged any lingering trauma for the team.

A Glimmer of Possibility

Despite the absence of Lee Sang-hyeok, who was unfortunately sidelined due to his deteriorating health, there remains a glimmer of hope for his participation in the upcoming finals. Observing the progress of his fellow athletes alongside a myriad of well-wishes, Lee’s condition seems to be improving, paving the way for a potential comeback that could dazzle fans.

Championship Dreams Await

Tomorrow, our national team shall face a formidable challenge in Chinese Taipei as they vie for their shot at clinching the championship. The entire nation holds its breath in anticipation, ready to rally behind these extraordinary athletes.

Reporting from Hangzhou, this is Taewoon Kim, delivering the latest news for MBC.

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◀ Anchor ▶

There is a unique event that caught the attention of this competition.

It is the first e-sports to become an official sport.

There may be many people who are unfamiliar with it, but it is more popular than you might think.

Our national team, which has the world famous star “Faker” Sang-hyeok Lee, defeated the home team of China and advanced to the finals even without Sang-hyeok Lee.

Reporter Kim Tae-woon visited the scene.

◀ Report ▶

This is an e-sports stadium where the semi-finals between Korea and China will be held.

Local fans were also busy visiting the stadium even on the eve of the holidays to watch the game between the two championship contenders.

Local enthusiasm for e-sports was so strong that the crowd recorded 5,000 seats and 10,000 won.

The cheapest ticket price is 80,000 won.

It’s not something you can buy if you want.


“It was very difficult to get because we could only buy it if we were selected by lottery, not if we wanted it. <경기 한 달 전부터 이 경기를 기대했는데, 이번에 와서 볼 수 있어서 정말 기분 좋습니다.>″

Our national team was also very popular.

It was easy to see Chinese fans wearing Korean player uniforms everywhere, including the main star of the tournament, Lee Sang-hyeok, “Faker.”


″I only like Faker (Lee Sang-hyuk). I will encourage you to win the Asian Games gold medal and the World Cup gold medal, fight Faker!”


“I came because I really liked Kerria (Ryu Min-seok). Keria is fighting! ″

Still, the support of the Chinese home fans was one-sided.

A unique cheer filled the stadium…

“cheer up! cheer up! cheer up!”

Every play by China was applauded with loud cheers.

Still, the national team did not rule out.

They won 2-0 and advanced to the League of Legends finals, avenging their loss five years ago when it was an exhibition event.

[박재혁/리그오브레전드 대표팀]

“It was a bit of a trauma for me when I lost badly to China five years ago, but I think I’ve washed it away completely.”

Despite the expectations of many fans, Lee Sang-hyeok, who did not play due to poor physical condition, showed the possibility of participating in the finals.

[이상혁/리그오브레전드 대표팀]

“As I met a lot of people in the athletes’ village, I noticed that my condition has been a bit bad since yesterday, so I was wearing a mask, but now that I see the athletes playing, it suddenly seemed to be getting better.”

The national team will face Chinese Taipei tomorrow to challenge for the first championship.

This is Taewoon Kim from MBC News in Hangzhou.

Video commentary: Seungwoo Kim / Video editing: Minwoo Jo

″This video can be viewed on the MBC News website due to copyright issues.″

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