South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff “North Korea launches ‘space launch vehicle'”

North Korea launched a space launch vehicle on the 31st Korean Peninsula time, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said it detected a space projectile that North Korea claims was launched south of Dongchang-ri district, North Pyongan Province, at around 6:29 am the same day.

He added, “The projectile passed over the sea far west of Baengnyeong Island, and the military is checking whether it was flying normally.”

In the midst of this, South Korea’s Yonhap News, citing a military source, said the missile disappeared from radar without reaching the predicted drop point.

As a result, the Korean military is known to be analyzing the possibility that the entire launch process could have failed, such as an explosion in the air or an accident in the sea.

Earlier, North Korea announced that it would launch a satellite between 0:00 on the 31st of this month and 0:00 on the 11th of next month.

Therefore, it is worth noting whether the launcher this time is for the launch of a reconnaissance satellite announced by North Korea.

Meanwhile, after the North Korean missile launch, an alarm went off in Seoul, South Korea, but was lifted.

A warning was issued throughout Seoul at one point in connection with the launch of a ‘space launch vehicle’ claimed by North Korea. At 6:41, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the announcement of the warning via an emergency text message, and at 7:03, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security informed that it was a mistake.

The Office of the President of the Republic of Korea said that a meeting to review the security situation would be held soon, and that it would decide whether to hold a National Security Council (NSC) if necessary.

This is VOA News Hamjiha.


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