South Korea’s world’s first “Meta Universe Rework” company clocked in, meetings, and speeches were all conducted in Meta Universe-Hong Kong

Com2uS, a South Korean game company, recently released the trailer and demo videos of the meta-universe platform “Com2Verse” under development for the first time, showing a day of reworked employees in “Com2Verse”. Com2uS Group plans to allow all subsidiaries with 2,500 employees to settle in “Com2Verse” in the second half of 2022, officially opening the era of metaverse rework and life.

“Com2Verse” is a multi-functional meta-universe platform that restores life in the real world to the Internet. The game brings social, cultural, economic and other real-world systems into the digital world to create a virtual space that can realize daily life. The platform is divided into four areas, including Office World (office world) that provides smart office space, Commercial World (business world) that provides services such as finance, medical care, education, and circulation, and allows users to enjoy games, music, movies, performances, etc. Leisure Theme Park World (theme park world), and Community World (community world) which provides daily communication and sharing.

(Before reworking, you can choose the number of floors when you go to the elevator lobby)

(Use the calendar to manage itinerary in Office World)

(Conversations with work partners through video)

(Multi-person video can be used for group meetings/reports, and office software such as PowerPoint can be operated smoothly in Office World)

Among Office World provides a Metaverse working environment that is not affected by physical distance. Whether it is daily meetings, schedule management, document processing, etc., functions are all available, and work can be communicated smoothly and quickly through video. Com2us President Song Jae-joon, CMVO President Lee Joo-hwan, and Park Guan-woo also appeared in the demonstration film and demonstrated the new and efficient office life in Com2Verse through video dialogue.

The film also shows that each user can receive token rewards based on their activities and performance, which indicates that Com2uS Group is currently developing Metanomics for projects funded by cryptocurrencies. Com2uS plans to introduce a token economic cycle,The various activities of users as the main body of production and consumption in Metaverse are linked to economic returns, and these economic returns will also bring out consumer goods such as digital assets and services.

Com2uS said that in the second half of 2022, all its subsidiaries with 2,500 employees will be settled in “Com2Verse”, officially opening the meta-universe era. At the same time, Com2uS is still signing contracts with large companies in various industries to build a meta-universe ecosystem. In the future, through the entry of a large number of companies, it will create a meta-universe city that integrates leisure, entertainment and economy.

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