Southeast Life Insurance donated survival bags to help flood victims

Southeast Life Insurance One of the main business lines in insurance and finance, Thai Group Holdings Public Company Limited cares for flood victims. Unite in the flood crisis Accelerated delivery of 500 sets of survival bags to help communities in Chaiyaphum and Nakhon Ratchasima provinces. suffered with plans for measures to help employees, agents and customers

Mrs. Paritaya Sajsila, Managing Director of Southeast Life Insurance Public Company Limited) said that the company cares about customers and Thai people. that were affected by the typhoon situation among As a result, houses in the area were damaged by a lot of flooding. Therefore, volunteer teams from the head office, branches and representatives have been organized to go to the area to donate survival bags and drinking water to help flood victims. Bamnet Narong District, Chaiyaphum Province and Non Sung District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, including 2 districts, more than 500 homes to help alleviate the suffering and encourage villagers in the community to be able to get through this crisis soon.

In addition, the company has prepared a plan to help employees, agents and customers who have suffered from flooding, such as the E- Policy Loan program, which is a service for borrowing policy loans. The interest rate depends on the conditions of each type of policy. which allows for the surrender value in the life insurance policy to be used first to alleviate the burden of expenses and enhance liquidity in times of crisis while still maintaining life coverage according to the policy conditions and measures to extend the grace period for payment of insurance premiums for life insurance policies with waiver of interest on policy renewal to help the insured affected by the flood Including the exemption of interest on insurance policies that automatically pay premiums until the end of December

“The Company is fully committed to helping and taking care of flood victims. with coverage from life and health insurance This will help manage various risks. that may occur unexpectedly Especially in times of emergencies that need help to keep life and business moving uninterrupted. And we are ready to be by everyone’s side. to be able to get through this difficult situation together for Thai people to live with peace of mind No worries,” said Mrs. Paritaya.



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