Southern Southern Straight Threat Today - Small Flood Risk From Heavy Rain Weekend

Super Southern Risk of Minnesota Later In today's world

If you are not living in a cave (congratulations!) You are likely to agree that winter goes further than absolutely necessary – and there is no particular hurry this summer.

We put the 80F top yesterday, for the first time in 2019; about 17 days later than the average 30 years. One of the advantages of our recent cool streak: Minnesota is free from torn in 2019. This may change later today as the conditions are ripe for major storms over southern Minnesota; close to the Iowa line. Be sure that there will be watches and warnings later today and a few strong storms could enter the metro area.

According to NOAA CPC, soil moisture in southern Minnesota is in the 99th percentile, which means it is as wet as it ever gets. This means that Mother Nature is about to take insult to injury. There are models of rainfall predictions about Saturday morning and 2-3 hours in total on Sunday night. After a short Monday break, other storm pins will include home, dumping another inch or 2 by the middle of next week.

Sorry Oklahoma. "The rain on the Plains is mostly on Minnesota."

Rainfall potential excessive. According to NOAA WPC there is little potential for flash flooding from southeastern South Dakota, south of Minnesota, from southwest Wisconsin and northern Iowa today. T-storms that are predicted to bubble up along the front-west boundary of east can direct severe rainfall to the same counties, resulting in spark flooding problems.

Rain on Saturday Night. NAM guide from NOAA 1-2 recommends "Saturday afternoon rainfall for most of southern Minnesota. Map credit: Praedictix and AerisWeather."

ECMWF Rain Forecast under Thursday morning. Remember that these are full amounts between now and next Thursday, from 2 separate storms; the first today until Sunday – another heavy rain event can be next Tuesday. The European model makes some of the 3-4 “figures printed out by Thursday, even rainfall almost a month. Map: WeatherBell.

99th Percent. Soil moisture across southern Minnesota is in the 99th percentile, pushing back spring planting a few weeks (corn) according to USDA. I am afraid that conditions will improve before I improve in June. Details: NOAA Climate Prediction Center.

Think Twice Before Touched or Turned Dishes During a Blue Form. A job at The Today Show went in my eye – I don't want to be in touch with electronics or plumbing during an electric storm: "Do not shower during a thunderstorm or you may be struck by lightning. ”It's one of the old wives stories that most of the people have heard a few times for their lives. But it might not be true… or could it be? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the “old wives” were something: It is dangerous to make a shower and a grim storm outside – and there is a full list of other activities you should avoid. "If your house hits, lightning usually goes through the wires or plumbing, so it means that anything inserted into the wall or connected to an external wire can be energized… Any plumbing in your home is vulnerable to lightning strike , ”Said John Jensenius, a lightning safety specialist at the NOAA National Weather Service… "

Image files: Florida Tech.

Hurricane Hunters: The Plane and the Pilot. There are some interesting (and new) buttons in article by in Charleston: "... A recent upgrade of these planes added new wings and engines – but they kept those propellors. This was a calculation option without switching to jet engines, as these turbine engines are much better in a hurricane environment. The wet hurricane & wind environment requires changes to a normal flight plan. These planes fly at or below 10,000 feet (compared to a “30,000ft safe cruise height” commercial aircraft). This is to ensure that water loads on the aircraft do not freeze at height as anti-ice precautions cannot be carried out to date. Missions take between 8-10 hours and much of that time is spent in transit to the storm. But when they reach the toughest part of the hurricane, the eye wall, "there is only one way. As we go through this eye wall we are looking at the radar, looking at the gradients to try to find the safest ones we can go through and we're going through... "

Image files with aircraft aircraft "Hurricane Hunter" of P3 Orion.

Tornado myths. Thanks to for some popular tornado myths to share in recent post:

  • Windows will open the pressure to balance and protect your house. No, this will delay you going to shelter and increase your risk, particularly in the case of a flight glass.
  • A certain corner of the basement is safest. No, if your house changes and the walls enter, it may be dangerous to be in a corner or near an external wall.
  • Avoid tornadoes a lake, river, certain valley or mountain. Nope.
  • The parking is over-interstate way the safest place to kill a tornado. No! Seek shelter in permanent building …

Image files: Homeland Security Office.

April Tornado Counts Height from 2011, Billions Costing. Property Casualty 360 has details: "In April at least 250 offices were proceeding with a tornado, which meant that it had the highest level of tornado activity in the United States since April 2011. The largest number of tornado events helped in any one month with an expensive bill of over a billion dollars… "

Photo credit: "Roman Brown, left and Sam Crawford, moves part of a wall from their way on Sunday, April 14, 2019, because they help a friend look at their medicine and destroy them home along Seely Drive outside of Hamilton, Miss. down Saturday, April, 13, 2019."(AP Photo / Jim Lytle).

Tornado Warnings Do Not Prepare Mobile House Residents. Eos has an interesting reading: "Mobile homes are death traps in a tornado. And new research still shows that residents do not need the information or resources across the southeastern United States, where mobile homes have nearly 20% of the housing stock, to safely respond to your twister. More than half of mobile home residents do not know the best place to take shelter. Many do not have enough community shelters to access them. And mobile home residents do not see worse threats than their neighbors in permanent homes, despite data showing that they are almost twice as likely to die in a crescent. “We know a lot about how corporations can defend their reputation, but we know far less than governments can help protect the public during very serious incidents,” says Brooke. Liu, a risk communication researcher at the University of Maryland in College Park… "

Photo credit: "A tornado in Berrien County, Ga., Damaged this mobile house on 22 January 2017. "Credit: National Weather Service. T

What Agents need to be aware of Risks and Resolving Coastal Flooding. The Boston Agent Journal has flood data that I didn't know: "…Last year's FEMA study shows that 41 million Americans are at risk of flooding, more than three times the current estimate. The effects of hurricanes, such as the Hurricane Florence in Carolinas, have only recently become a sharper picture of weather issues for residents in coastal communities. Indeed, around one in ten households in counties hitting Hurricane Florence had flood insurance and FEMA grants cover only $ 33,000 in flood damages under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Today, FEMA is seeking to reform the NFIP with the aim of better demonstrating coastal property flood risk. The way in which flood insurance premiums are structured under the NFIP is now based on the Flood Insurance Rates Map Zone and Floods Meeting... "

Will 5G Mess have Weather Satellites? According to Ars Technica, FCC does not seem to care as much as he said: "A US Navy memorandum indicates that 5G mobile networks are likely to affect weather satellites, while Senators are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to issue new spectrum licenses to wireless carriers until changes are banned. a weather forecast. The FCC has commenced a 24GHz spectrum auction which would be used in 5G networks. But Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) And Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) Letter today sent to FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, requesting him to issue licenses to winning bidders "until the ILBF approves passive band protection limits the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are required to protect critical satellite-based measurements of atmospheric water vapor required to predict the weather... "

Image credit: NOAA.

Say What? I asked a friend to explain how 5G could interfere with weather satellites and explain it here:

"The FCC is seeking to open the bandwidth just above 23.8 GHz to the 5G network. The satellites have very sensitive auxiliaries that measure the 23.8 GHz energy radiated from the ground. H2O absorbs energy of 23.8 GHz as the resonant frequency of the molecule. (One of the data) This allows them to measure the density of steam in the air. They use a narrow beam antenna to scan during the orbit that gives them a radio picture of the vapor in any given area.. "- Tom Ring.

Plastic Production Not so Good: t Nexus Climate reports: "Plastic production is proving that millions of tonnes of CO2 will be released into the air each year and that new research suggests that it could be a key driver of climate change. A report issued by the Center for International Environmental Law on Wednesday estimates that the annual emissions are the result of plastic production – including transport, manufacture and incineration – equivalent to the annual emissions of 189 coal plants. Emissions could be equal to more than 600 coal plants by 2050 if current trends continue – up to 13 percent of the world's carbon budget. “We need to reduce emissions by 45 per cent by 2030,” said Carroll Muffett, president of CIEL, with Nexus Media News. “Plastics have said almost the opposite. ”(Nexus Media News, The Guardian, Houston Chronicle).

Image files: Carlos Jasso, Reuters.

Air and Water Quality Ranking. Wait, New Jersey has better air quality than Minnesota? I'm sorry, but after spending a lot of time in New Jersey I have a hard time covering my brain around that. Details at US News: "The quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink to lead healthy, productive lives are vital elements. Global citizens see climate change as the biggest threat in the world, and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency said that the threats to poor drinking water systems are even more acute. Two measures on air and water quality – number of days with air quality index above a healthy threshold and number of breaches against drinking water systems in each state – accounting for half the weight of Best States for classification t natural environment. Rhode Island is first in the country for air and water quality, as well as the overall natural environment category. Kentucky places second place in this subcategory, followed by Mississippi, Oregon and New Jersey… "

Solar plants faster than Natural Gas "Just About Everywhere" by 2023: WoodMac. Greentech Media has the story: "Solar will soon be able to compete with gas-fired plants worldwide on the basis of leveling costs *. This does not mean making it easier to live in the solar business. “By 2023, we think solar will be cheaper than gas everywhere around the world,” said Tom Heggarty, senior solar analyst for Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, on Tuesday at the GTM Solar Summit in Phoenix. New combined cycle gas plants remain competitive with new solar utilities in many major markets today, from China to the UK to South Korea. However, this will no longer be the case under the early 2020s, as equipment costs continue to decline and competitive auctions grow, Heggarty said... "

Photo credit: "Dawn era.

Un propelled Electric Trucks start on the Swedish Public Road. And so it begins. This clip from Reuters Technology News: "A driving driver without a Star driver started delivering the Star Wars storm clock cargo, on a public road in Sweden on Wednesday, as customer Einride and logistics DB DB Schenker described the first world … T-Pod Einride 26 tons when it is full and does not have a driver cabin, it considers that road freight operating costs reduce by about 60 per cent compared to a diesel truck with a driver… "
Display Lenovo's foldable-Display laptop. I'm not sure how I feel about this… yet, but if smart phones can break up why isn't a laptop displayed? Here is an extract from "…During the Lenovo Acceleration conference in Orlando, Florida, the company gave an early insight into its upcoming alert laptop. This product will still be designated as part of ThinkPad Lenovo's laptop line, and the company says that this replacement makes a clear knee replacement, rather than a supplementary device. The foldable computer has a diagonal display of 13.3 inches, with aspect ratio 4 to 3, when it is in full screen mode. When folded, it turns 9.6 inches. Like Samsung Galaxy Fold, it has OLED display with polymer screen. Unlike Samsung's foldable, LG Display is the one that will do this... "

Image credit: Lenovo.

Drinking 2 cups of coffee a day can help you live longer. The story is miraculous at the Independent: "Drinking up to two cups of coffee a day can increase life expectancy by up to two years, according to researchers. The research, published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, was conducted by analyzing previous studies on the benefits of drinking coffee. Looking at 40 studies including 3,852,651 subjects and 450,256 causes of death, researchers found that drinking coffee was inversely linked to mortality of all causes – “regardless of age, overweight status, alcohol consumption, tobacco status, and coffee caffeine content”… "
Minnesota: 3rd Least Sexy Accent in USA? Are you joking about me? At least we beat off New Jersey and Long Island, although I still agree with the results at "Whether Pauly D's voice makes you or if you have more of Mark Wahlberg fans, it is true to say that some accents are worse than others. America has a unique diversity of dialects, and the immense history of immigrants in the country has a huge influence on how people speak from coast to coast. Continuing from survey results of our social audience 1.5 million, we have an official ranking of sex – and least sexy accents – we in the USA. Think of yourself that you are lucky if your taste is among the top 10… "

Photo files: Star Tribune.

Uber launches Quiet Driving Mode. Techcrunch has the characteristics: "Tired of speech drivers? Uber is finally giving the most requested feature to users: an in-app way to seek minimal conversation during your trip. The “Quiet Mode” feature is available free of charge and will be available to everyone in the United States. Tomorrow, only on Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium tracks. Users “Quiet best,” can choose “very happy to chat” or leave the site at “No choice.” The desire for silence could convince more people as because of the more expensive Uber types of vehicles so they can work, make the stairs, make a call or just relax in the car… "

Billboard Falls Workers From Billboard are promoting Personal Injury lawyers. What great country we live in. Details of the New York Post: "He knows who to call if he wants to sue. A billboard worker completed the hospital morning in the hospital when he signed on a rooftop sign in Brooklyn which caused him to interfere with the renowned personal injury law firm Cellino & Barnes, his family and officials. David Fricker, 49, was working on the billboard around 10:28 near the corner of the Church Church and Flatbush when he fell 10 feet below him, his deputy son and FDNY officials said. Fricker is recovering in Kings County Hospital with a revocation and condemnation, according to his son and wife – claiming answers from his employer, Lamar Advertising, about how their loved ones fell. “Make sure I get out as I want to know what happened and they don't answer our questions,” Fricker said James Sanabria's stepson, 36, with The Post Tuesday… "

Photo credit: "Cellino & Barnes notice board in 2017." Dan Cappellazzo

82 F. high in Double Cities Thursday.

69 F. high level on 16 May.

87 F. high on May 16, 2018.

May 17, 1915: The last hurling dumps in winter five inches of snow along the west coast of Lake Superior.

Friday: Clouds increase. T-strong storms can be late. Winds: E 10-20. High: 66

DURING EIGHT NIGHT: Showers and T-storms, local heavy rain and small stones. Low: 49

Saturday: Rain, heavy at times. Winds: E 10-20. High: 54

Saturday: More rain, sweat weather returns. Wind: NE 10-20. Awaken: 46. High: 49

Monday: Small sunshine. Winds: N 7-12. Awaken: 42. High: 62

Tuesday: Heavy rain, thunder danger. Wind: E 15-25. Awaken: 48. High: 58

Wednesday: Showers at top, drying again. Winds: W 10-20. Awaken: 47. High: 66

THURSDAY: Lighter with some sun. T-storms late? Winds from the NNW at 8-13. Awaken: 50. High: close to 70

Climate stories.

Louisiana reveals a Mindfulness Plan to Deal with Climate Change, Coastal Flooding. The story and graphics are effective at Bloomberg: "…Louisiana is losing almost all field land value every hour, driven by a combination of rising seas and soil type, which is rapidly falling. In view of the repeated tensions and floods, some of the state's coastal towns left more than half of their residents between the 2000 and 2010 Censuses. the report on the six parishes around the end of the Mississippi, and plans the future flood risk in each of these parishes. It includes a long list of policies, including a temporary purchasing program for high-risk areas to provide “the incentive and assistance many people need to move away.” “It doesn't mean moving 200 miles offshore,” said Pat The report was produced by Forbes, executive director of the Louisiana Community Development Office. “It means moving to a safer place. Part of this is to get people out of the most dangerous areas… ”

"Extraordinary Extraordinary" of the Ice Sheets Antarctic Deep Inside Productions. The Guardian has the story: "The inside of the Antarctic is rapidly spreading ice losses, and a new analysis of satellite data. Southern heating has resulted in sliding slides into the sea, and ice has been lost five times faster than in the 1990s. The West Antarctic ice sheet was stable in 1992 but up to a quarter of its area is now thinning. More than 100 meters of ice thickness was lost in the worst places. The total loss of the West Antarctic ice program would lose global sea levels by up to five meters, drowning coastal cities around the world… "

Changing Climate Change Investments Beyond the Big Oil Companies. CBS News explains: "… tCompanies are facing them increased demands for environmental justice from consumers. But the environmental shareholders are also more focused on them. They are going after consumer businesses, internet companies and others who do not first recall them as major pollutants, putting pressure on them to expose their vulnerability to climate change – and to improve their plans. Each year the shareholders try to put recommendations on the agenda of their company's annual meetings. Five years ago, only 33% of all climate change proposals focused on companies outside the energy and utility industries. So far this year, 60% of these projects are aimed at companies outside energy and utilities, according to ISS Analytics... "

In Flood-Counter Midwest, Mayors See Climate Change as Content and Avoid. Because I'm sure the problem will go away if we ignore it. Here is an excerpt from The New York Times: "…We know something is going on, so how do we meet and deal with that? ”Mr Klipsch said, a two-term mayor said there would be a stance on climate change“ segmented. ”“ We don't try to label it. Don't try to politicize it. It's just something that's changing. "Across the Mid-West this spring, floods are flooded by farms and shops, separating open levees and, in some places, they left people stranded for days or weeks. the disasters of how a climate can change floods and how cities can prepare for a future with severe weather conditions, but in some of the more difficult areas, where flood defense is a common cause of flooding and helping the displaced people, political baggage he makes – into the discussion… "

Photo credit: "Mayor Frank Klipsch said that a position on climate change could be “segmented. Credit: Daniel Acker for The New York Times.

#ExxonKnew Here, Ro: Headlines and links courtesy of Nexus Climate: "Almost 40 years ago, ExxonMobil scientists predicted that a profound emissions milestone had been reached this month, showing documents. Scientists said the data taken from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii last week showed carbon dioxide levels exceeding 415 parts per million – the highest level in 800,000 years. In 1982 internal documents received by InsideClimate News as part of its investigation into Exxon scientific research show that company scientists would reach CO2 levels between 400 and 420 ppm by 2020. "Some scientists suggest that there may be significant adverse effects including Some coastal land masses lead to rising sea levels due to the Antarctic ice melt "as a result of high emissions, the scientists wrote. Despite the research, the InsideClimate News investigation showed the company highlighted climate denial and encouraged science around the climate.. "(Gizmodo, ThinkProgress Commentary: Rolling Stone, Jeff Goodell column).

Photo credit: Matt Brown. AP.

84 Steps close to the Arctic Ocean as CO2 reaching the High Level in Human History. Jason Samenow reports for Gang Weather Capital: "During the weekend, the climate system had simultaneous alarms. Adjacent to the Arctic Ocean in northwest Russia, temperatures were rising to 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 Celsius). Meanwhile, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations for the first time put 415 parts per million in human history. By themselves, these are only data points. But in addition to many indicators of changing climate and rising temperatures, they combine the incredible portrait of climate change that inspires the human being. An elegant 84-degree reading on Saturday was introduced in 2008 Arkhangelsk, Russia, where the average high temperature is about 54 this time of year. The city sits of 350,000 people near the White Sea, which affects the Barents Sea of ​​the Arctic Ocean… "

Image credit: "Carbon dioxide levels from around 1750 present. "(Scripps Oceanography Institute).

415: The Most Dangerous Number. Jeff Goodell reports for Rolling Stone; This clip: "…Despite the reduction in the cost of the sun, despite all the climatic periods on the streets, despite the wild fires and melting glaciers and increasing summer heat, it is obvious that less than zero to dual-level levels. reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The second thing you notice is that the curve is constantly rising, but it is rising faster than ever. Amongst other things, the Keeling curve of Homosapiens' self-destructive gift is a perfect record. We now know that burning of fossil fuels is warming the Earth's atmosphere and putting the stability of our climate Goldilocks – the cold-cold world that has enabled people to flourish in the last 10,000 years – in danger. And we did nothing about it… "

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