Soy sauce additives “harm the people”? The leader of A share 380 billion solemnly declares: some short video accounts spread malicious rumors

© Reuters Soy Sauce Additives “Harm People”? The leader of A share 380 billion solemnly declares: some short video accounts spread malicious rumors

Financial Associated Press, October 2 (Editor Zhang Yang), the November holidays have just begun, and the debate over Haitian Flavor soy sauce additives continues to ferment, bringing this industry-leading company to the fore the battle

Recently, there have been some discussions on the additives of Haitian soy sauce on the short video platform, saying that there are no additives on the ingredient list of Haitian soy sauce sold abroad, only natural raw materials such as water, soybeans, wheat, and salt , while in China, in addition to natural raw materials, there are also Many additives. Some short video accounts use topics like “Hex Technology” to indicate that Haitian Flavor soy sauce products are “Hex Technology Foods”.

From the ingredient list of a bottle of Haitian Jinbiao soy sauce at home, in addition to natural raw materials, the main additives are sodium glutamate, disodium nucleotide 5′-flavor, disodium 5′-inosinate, and sodium benzoate, sucralose, which basically the same as the ingredient list of Haitian soy sauce posted by most netizens.

According to public information, among the above five additives, the first three are flavor additives, sodium benzoate is a commonly used food preservative, and sucralose is a sweetener.

On the evening of September 30, Haitian Flavor’s official Weibo issued a statement in response to the recent dispute over product additives:

All Haitian products are produced in accordance with the Food Safety Law, and are subject to regular supervision and inspections by the state and food safety authorities at all levels at any time.

The use and labeling of food additives in all Haitian products complies with the requirements of relevant standards and regulations in my country. my country has strict regulations on the use of food additives. The variety, scope and amount of food additives used in all Haitian products meet the requirements of GB2760 “National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Standard Use” and related standards and regulations, and conform to the requirements of the “Food Safety Law”, GB7718 ” Standard National Food Safety” The “General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods” require that they be indicated on the ingredient list of the product label. Haitian products that meet the national standard are safe.

Regarding the short video accounts that caused the Haitian brand in the event, the company has appointed a team of professional lawyers to investigate and collect evidence, and the legal responsibility of the rumor and the distributors will be tracked to the end.

As for the explanation of the Haitian Flavor Industry, some netizens expressed their support, thinking that it is a layman watching the fun, an expert watching the door, import and export really cannot be explained in a sentence or two, it is not easy to our national enterprises, and rumors and slander too hateful! There are also netizens who think that the statement still does not explain why no supplements are sold overseas.

Statistics show that in the first half of this year, Haitian Flavor’s revenue and net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deductions were 9.73% and 1.32%, respectively. As of September 30, Haitian Flavor’s share price was 82.82 yuan per share, and the latest market value was 383.8 billion yuan.

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