Soyou lost -8kg in two months of dieting… low carb is the key [소셜iN]

Singer Soyou lost 8 kg in two months of dieting.Photo iMBC Entertainment NewsPhoto iMBC Entertainment News
On the 16th, through his personal YouTube channel ‘SOYOUGI Soyougi’, Soyou said, ‘I lost 8 kg in 2 months! 4 low carb diet tips posted by SoyouㅣLow carb, ketogenic, diet recommendation, exercise routine, summary of pros and cons with the title.

Soyou said, “I planned to go on a diet from January 1st, but I had a leg injury 8 weeks after my treatment in Paris, so my dream of an exercise diet was blown away like a bubble. In January, I lay down and watched TV,” he said.

Soyou continued, “I can’t go out and stay at home, but the thought of eating only chicken breast and sweet potato makes me depressed. So I opted for a low carb diet, thinking it would be nice to have a relaxed diet, especially as I can drink alcohol.”

Soyou showed her InBody and said, “When I measured my InBody on January 31st, my body fat mass was 17.1kg and my body fat percentage was 29.2%. I even ate dessert and egg sandwiches at the concert in Japan, and on February 21, my body fat mass dropped to 14.3kg and my body fat percentage dropped to 25.3%.

Finally, Soyou reiterated the importance of exercise by saying, “I mainly exercised with the upper body at the gym with my legs in a cast.”

iMBC Park No-June | Screenshot of Soyougi’s YouTube Channel

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