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Doha ∙ Spain took a three-goal lead in the first half of Qatar’s World Cup opener and continued to chase goals in the second half. Spain took a one-sided five-goal lead against Costa Rica with Ferran Torres scoring from the penalty spot in the first half, followed by 18-year-old Gavi. Torres’ second half goal was in the 54th minute. Gavi then scored in the 74th minute. Dani Olmo (11), Marco Asensio (21) and Ferran Torres (31) scored for Spain in the first half. With this, Torres’ goal tally in the Spanish shirt became 15.

The only doubt was when Spain would score the fourth goal as they attacked continuously in the second half of the first half. This question was answered on the 54th minute. Once again, the lack of grip in the Costa Rican defense was evident. Defender and goalkeeper Keylor Navas blocked as Ferran Torres raced into the Costa Rican box with the ball. Torres, defended both with his back, immediately hit it into the net, and the score was 4-0.

Next up was Gavi’s chance to become the youngest Spanish player to play in the World Cup. As usual, the Costa Rican moved towards the goal and passed the ball from Alvaro Morata to Gavi. Spain’s youngest ever goalkeeper scorer at the World Cup was born when Gavi received the ball and headed it straight into the net. Score 5–0.

Spain was in full control throughout the game. Spain dominated the pitch, neutralizing Costa Rica in possession and passing, and from the first minute it looked as if they would score at any moment. Despite coming close on several occasions, they took the lead in the 11th minute through Dani Olmo.

Spain’s first goal came following a series of attacks into the Costa Rican box. Gavi, who has the distinction of being the youngest player to play in the World Cup in the Spanish shirt, started the goal kick. Gavi lifted the ball into the box and hit the Costa Rican defensive wall in front of Dani Olmo. The star shot went past Keylor Nawaz and into the net. Spain’s 100th goal in the world. Score 1–0.

Spain extended their lead within 10 minutes. Marco Asensio was the target this time. The Costa Rican defense was largely calm when Jordi Alba picked up the ball from the left wing just outside the box. Asensio turned the ball into the net without delay. The ball hit Nawaz’s hands, but the ball went into the net. Score 2–0.

In the next 10 minutes, Spain increased their lead to three. This time a penalty in favor of Sepa opened the way to the goal. This time, Jordi Alba is the architect of the goal. Penalty awarded to Spain for Duarte pushing Alba inside the Costa Rican box. Ferran Torres took the kick and found the target with ease. Score 3–0.

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