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SPALI launches 4 new condos, pushing the last curve to receive the market gradually recovering : InfoQuest

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Mr. Tritecha Tangmatitham, Managing Director of Supalai Public Company Limited (SPALI) revealed that the company plans to launch 4 new condominium projects during the 4th quarter of 21 with a total value of 5.74 billion baht, or 17% of the new project value. this year After the company sees that the overall condominium market has passed its lowest point. and will begin to see a gradual return

As for the new condominiums, there will be 3 projects in Bangkok worth 5.49 billion baht and one project in provincial cities worth 250 million baht. The first project is being launched, Supalai Premier Samsen-Ratchawatra. The project value is 1.5 billion baht. The factor that the company decides to launch during this period is due to the number of Covid-19 infected people. In Thailand, the number has decreased. And the government has control through various measures. causing customers to return to have more confidence in buying homes

Supalai Premier Samsen-Ratchawatra Project The starting price is only 3.92 million baht. A special round of bookings will be opened through the online booking system on October 22, ’64 from 10.00 am onwards and the Pre-Sales round on October 30–31, ’64, with the company planning to sell the project. in the pre-sale period at 80-90%

Mr. Tritecha said that the overall condominium market in 64 was affected by the COVID-19 epidemic situation. As a result, the supply of newly launched condominiums in Bangkok and its vicinity slowed down by 19% compared to the year 2020 due to market uncertainty. But in the second half of the year, operators are preparing to accelerate the delivery of more completed and ready-to-live condominiums to customers. including organizing a discount promotion to stimulate sales to compete for opportunities in the second half of the year 64

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Although the economy has not fully recovered. But as the overall real estate supply has begun to decline considerably. make entrepreneurs will start to open condominiums again which is still a product group that is in demand among people who work and want to travel easily. This will awaken the market to be active again.

During the past 9 months (Jan.-Sept. 20), SPALI made sales of 17.5 billion baht, representing 65% of the full-year target of 27 billion baht. It came mainly from low-rise projects. And believe that in the year 64 horizontal sales will definitely grow to a new record high Condominiums are believed to recover in 4Q21 from the launch of new projects. In addition, the overall picture of the domestic atmosphere has improved. after the government loosened the lockdown measures causing more economic activity to begin to return Resulting in purchasing power back as well.

“I have to admit that during the 3Q21 overall sales may look very sluggish. From the lockdown, the period July-August The number of customers visiting the project has decreased significantly. and the closure of the worker’s camp Some of them took more than a month, causing some low-rise projects that had to be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2021 had to be postponed to the 4th quarter of the year instead.”

Mr Tritecha said

The company’s strategy in 4Q21 will focus on issuing promotional campaigns. To stimulate the purchase decision and transfer the ownership of customers at the end of the year Because there are still customers who want real residence (Real Demand) ready to make decisions to buy and transfer ownership continuously. Although the economy has not clearly returned well. And the bank has a very strict credit approval process. As a result, the company has to focus on doing promotions to give special discounts to customers and attract more customers to buy.

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As for the revenue in the year 64, it is still confident that it will achieve the target of 28 billion baht from the gradual delivery of projects continuously. At present, the company has backlog of 3.6 billion baht, which will gradually be recognized in the fourth quarter of 14 billion baht, and still has stock ready to sell and transfer immediately to gradually sell continuously. Approximately 20 billion baht, divided into condominium project stocks of 15 billion baht and horizontal stocks of 5 billion baht.

By InfoQuest News Agency (20 Oct. 64)

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