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Spaniard’s financial difficulties Wu Lei may face salary cut

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2022-05-20 01:42

Yangzi Evening News Network, May 19. Recently, Spanish media reported that the financial situation of the Spanish club is not optimistic. Chinese player Wu Lei is likely to face the second salary cut for playing in Espanyol. In addition, the Spaniard’s coaching changes and signings have also made Wu Lei’s life abroad stressful.

This season’s La Liga has come to an end, and the Espanyol played by Chinese player Wu Lei has completed the task of relegation, but the Espanyol club is under great financial pressure. According to Spanish media reports, there may be some fringe players in the team who will be laid off or have a significant pay cut. It is reported that the total salary of the Espanyol club exceeds the La Liga salary cap by 14 million euros, and it is necessary to save salary expenses in order to sign. So for Wu Lei, as a substitute or second-tier player, it is very likely that his salary will be reduced, and he may even usher in a new season with an annual salary of less than 500,000 euros.

Some time ago, the Spaniard officially announced the dismissal of coach Moreno. According to a report by Spanish media “World Sports”, the team may sign new coach Diego Martinez, and his arrival is bound to make certain adjustments in the lineup. According to the latest news, the Spaniard will be expected to sign Pere Mira, a La Liga striker who has scored 8 goals this season for free. The player is now playing in La Liga Elche and has scored 8 goals in the league. Ranked 22nd in the La Liga scorer list, if this person is introduced in the summer window, it will be a good reinforcement for the Spaniard’s striker. Of course, this also means that Wu Lei’s playing position in the team is likely to decline again, and Wu Lei’s situation will be more difficult.

Source: Yangzi Evening News Network Author: reporter Sun Yunyue Zhang Chenbao Zhang Hao Editor: Li Jiayang

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