Spanish Copa del Rey: Real Madrid, Barcelona’s troubles continue | Spanish Copa del Rey: Barcelona’s troubles continue

Madrid: Real Madrid quarter-finalists in the Spanish Copa del Rey Barcelona are out of action when they advance to Nali. Real Madrid 2-1 in pre-quarterfinals overtime After beating Che, Barcelona lost 3-2 to Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona’s tough times at the Copa del Rey are coming to an end. Sixth-placed team 17 points behind Real Madrid in La Liga. There is no prospect of a race. He is out of the Champions League and the Spanish Super Cup. The Europa League is the only tournament left for Barcelona to look forward to. Due to injury and lack of form, the season has not been very busy so far. Real Madrid won the toss and elected to field. യം.

The goalless draw was overtime after a set time of three. And goals. Gonzalo Verdue scored in the 103rd minute when El Cheyenne scored. However, goals from Isco in the 108th minute and Hassad’s in the 115th minute were scored. Yal won. Real Madrid’s Marcelo in the 102nd minute and El Che Yu’s Pirmiya in the 120th minute. I saw the card.

In the second minute of the second half, Barcelona scored on a goal from Barcelona. It was over. However, Ferrand Torres’ goal from Manchester City recently Barcelona came close in the 20th minute. Goes to a 1-1 draw and scores again in the final minute S fell. In the 86th minute, Inigo Williams’ goal was deflected by Bilbao. Barcelona beat Pedro’s goal during the rematch.

Jordi Albuquerque scored in the 106th minute of extra time. Penalty for hitting the ball in the box with the ball in hand and reaching the goal Bill Bavoc wins in the quarterfinals. Bill Bavoc in the quarterfinals. Rialies of the Nile. Rio de Janeiro – New York, Royal Sociedad – Real Betis, Valen The other quarters are Cia- cadis.



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