Speaking about Hon Hai Semiconductor’s plan, Guo Taiming: completely shared with TSMC | Anue tycoon-Taiwan stock news

In response to Honorable Hai (2317-TW) recruiting co-chief operating officer of TSMC (2330-TW) Jiang Shangyi as head of semiconductor strategy, Honorable Hai founder Terry Gou indicated today (26) that there will be no semiconductor plan the group is copying TSMC, and will be completely different from TSMC Focusing on niche, next generation materials, developing next generation process packaging, and focusing on automotive applications.

Guo Taiming revealed that he and Jiang Shangyi have known each other for a long time. This time, through the arrangement of Hai Honorary Chairman Liu Yangwei, they chatted for half an hour on the Hon Hai Technology Day.

He also pointed out that all countries now consider semiconductors as strategic materials like oil, and many industrial policies call for “Taiwan Plus One.” Now apart from Taiwan manufacturing, they all hope to have a Plan B, like TSMC’s going to the US Setting up a factory in Lisanna is an example. Sharp, a subsidiary of the Hon Hai Group, also has a wafer factory 8 inches.

Regarding Hon Hai Semiconductor’s setup, Guo Taiming said that it is basically completely different from TSMC TSMC has done a good job in the semiconductor industry, so there is no need to repeat and develop it.

Guo Taiming emphasized that Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is very important in the current globalization process. There are many semiconductor talents in Taiwan. It is very important to hope that under the leadership of TSMC, regardless of the United States, Japan , and Europe, that upstream and downstream supply chains will gather a single circle.

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