Speaking of receiving the award, Lee Hwi-jae ‘only looked at the phone’… Controversy over the banner ‘I’m waiting for Kim Yong-geon'[‘KBS 연예대상’]

Broadcaster Lee Hwi-jae was caught up in controversy over bad manners. / Photo = Screen capture of ‘2021 KBS Entertainment Awards’

[아시아경제 온라인이슈팀] At the ‘2021 KBS Entertainment Awards’, broadcaster Hwijae Lee’s attitude and the banner ‘The Return of Superman’ (hereafter referred to as Shoodol) were embroiled in controversy.

Hwi-jae Lee won the Best Couple Award with Announcer Lee Hyeon-joo at the ‘2021 KBS Entertainment Awards’ broadcast on the afternoon of the 25th. Lee Hwi-jae and Lee Hyeon-joo announcer are working together as MCs for KBS 2TV’s entertainment information program ‘Year-round Live’.

Lee Hwi-jae, who was called as the winner and went on stage, said, “It seems that time is running out, but Lee Yeon-bok is sleeping. I will finish it soon.” He said, “I keep getting text messages from acquaintances, but someone asks if Heo Jae has been drinking. give,” he said. Then, he quickly read the names of his acquaintances who had sent him congratulatory texts, then shouted, “Seo Jun-ah, Seo Eon-ah, listen to your mother!” and went down from the stage.

Viewers who saw this are pouring out their comments. “I’m talking about announcer Lee Hyun-joo, but it’s annoying to keep staring at my phone next to me” and “It’s a disrespectful feeling of receiving an award,” and expressed discomfort.

Photo = Screen capture of the ‘2021 KBS Entertainment Awards’

The placard on the side of ‘Shodol’ continued to be criticized by viewers. The ‘Shodol’ banner read, “I’m waiting for the Korean Superman. Kim Yong-geon, Kim Gu-ra, Jo Jung-seok, Go Soo, Ryu Hyun-jin, Taeyang, Chen, Bobby, Chansung”. This list lists the names of celebrities who recently announced the news of their child’s birth or pregnancy.

The production team of ‘Shodol’ seems to have made a witty offer to appear, but viewers pointed out that it was unpleasant to see some celebrities who were controversial because of their premarital pregnancy. Controversy has arisen that Kim Yong-gun had an abortion because of the woman’s exposure, and EXO’s Chen and iKon’s Bobby were heavily criticized by fans for the sudden announcement of premarital pregnancy and marriage.

Some viewers criticized it as ‘a banner that crossed the line’, saying, “Why did you put in the name of the person who asked for an abortion?” and “It’s a joke, but celebrities with names written on it will feel bad.”

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