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Special election results in March 26 for two Leavenworth commissioners are now official officials.

Special election results in March 26 for two Leavenworth commissioners are now official officials.

Members of Leavenworth County Commission confirmed the results on Wednesday as the County Canvassers Board.

The special election was held to elect two additional members to the County Commission. The election came after the residents of Leavenworth County voted last year to extend the commission from three members to five.

Official results include votes included on the special election night as well as votes from additional preliminary ballots and temporary ballots.

According to the verified results, the Republic of Chad Schimke won the race for the new 4th County Commission Area with 531 votes, or 41.61 per cent. Independent Hank Spellman received 386 votes, or 30.25 percent, and Democrat Troy Smith received 359, or 28.13 percent.

The 4th District is composed of Lansing city, Delaware Township and part of Leavenworth southeast.

Republican Mike Stieben won the race for the new 5th District with 681 votes, or 31.82 per cent. Independent David Frese received 651 votes, or 30.42 per cent. The Stuart Stuart Sweeney received 608 votes, or 28.41 per cent, while Curtis Oroke received an independent 200 votes, or 9.35 per cent.

The 5th District is made up of Tonganoxie, Reno and Sherman towns as well as Tonganoxie and Linwood cities.

In canvassing the election results, the Chairman of Commission Doug Smith noted the proximity of the 5th District District.

“Every vote is the same,” he said.

Commissioner Jeff Culbertson noted that Oroke had to collect around 400 signatures to put the ballot as an independent candidate. But he didn't get as many votes in the election.

Culbertson said that this was odd.

After counting the temporary ballots on Wednesday, County Clerk Janet Klasinski announced that a recount was requested in the race for the 5th District.

Klasinski said she had planned the recount, which Frese asked, to do today. But Klasinksi later said that the request for the recount was withdrawn.

When contacted by email, Frese indicated that he did not want to comment on why he changed his mind.

With the inclusion of provisional ballots, the total number voted at the election was 21.74 per cent.

“I was expecting a better vote,” said Klasinski.

She stated that her office sent approximately 15,000 letters to voters in the 4th and 5th area to inform them of the election. She said that the letters contained requests for pre-ballots.

Klasinski said she thought the vote would be higher because a group called Give Me Five was working hard to get the County Commission's extended question on the ballot last year. She said that the issue has been discussed in many months.

Smith, Culbertson and Commissioner Vicky Kaaz confirmed the results of the election in March 26.

Schimke and Stieben were not sworn yet and did not participate in the certificate of election results.

A chopping ceremony for the new commissioners is scheduled for 11 pm on Friday in a courtroom in the Justice Center.

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