Special Committee of National Inquiry ’10/29′

Representative Kim Kyo-heung (left), floor speaker Kim Mi-ae [자료사진]

The first meeting of the government inquiry to find out the truth of the Yongsan and Itaewon disaster and prevent a recurrence was eventually disrupted due to conflicting views from the opposition and opposition parties.

In the full meeting of the Special Committee on Government Investigation organized this morning, the meeting did not take place as the opposition parties differed on whether the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office should be included or excluded from among the agencies under investigation.

Kim Kyo-heung, secretary of the Democratic Party of Korea, said yesterday that floor representatives had agreed to confirm all the institutions under investigation for state affairs, but then the people’s power suddenly changed their attitude and demanded that the Office The Supreme Prosecutor is excluded from the investigation.

In response, People’s Power spokesperson Kim Mi-ae said, “Why are you including the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office as an organization under investigation?” He himself has already opened the possibility of flowing into a political dispute,” he refuted.

The ruling and the opposition parties intend to continue the negotiations until the start of the full meeting of the National Assembly at 2:00 pm, when the government’s investigation plan is expected to be adopted today.

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