Special interview: BB (MINAKA), the cutest e-sports girl


“Pee Che, Teen Zone” Was honored by the E-Sports Association of Thailand (TESF) to attend a special interview. “BB” Nunthaporn Rueangsuwan (MINAKA), Thai national female e-sports athlete Bronze Medalist Esports League of Legends: Wild Rift Women’s Team in the 31st SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam

by “BB” Considered as one of the key forces of the team with Kansinee Thanatippiyaphat (KNOXKINS), Pemika Ramani Tarani (ELIZENT), Naphatsaporn Upcha (LAWYS), Preeyawan Putthachat (GAMBLING), Kanokphon Panpim (GHOST) , Thitima Namsiripongphan (TOMAIRU) who defeated the host Vietnam 3-1 in the bronze medal final Can successfully grab a coin to hang around his neck.

The way “Pe Che” would like to take everyone to get to know the girl “BB” better. Ready to take a beautiful set of fashion photos of “BB” for all “Game-Teen Zone” fans.

What is “BB” doing right now?
“I just graduated. (Faculty of Science Information Technology Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus First class honors are currently streaming on their own page (Minaka Facebook page 비비 @minakabbi), and e-sports competitions. including plans to pursue a master’s degree (Computer Engineering) in Taiwan

Did you learn anything related to games?
“No, mine is computer related. And they are all working in the IT field.”

If you have completed a master’s degree What are you planning to do next?
“I think I will work in the computer profession. and also do streaming As for the e-sports line, I would like to do it.”

What do you stream mostly on the page?
“Most of the other LoL: Wild Rift streams are NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD.”

Does e-sports now have an agency?
“Not yet, after the SEA Games. Now, different people go their separate ways to make teams.”

What team is BB on now?
“I’m at Lorem Ipsum (www.facebook.com/lorem.girls/), I have another friend who is also in the national team (Naphatsaporn Upja: LAWYS).”

Who is the Lorem Ipsum team right now?
“Nuntachaporn “Minaka” Ruangsuwan, Naphatsaporn “Lawys” Upcha, Sarocha “Julibear” Charoenkong, Mathwan “Kodomo” Unha, Pemika “Lilyc” Chuleewattanapong, Narumon “Seto” Wiriyajanta Yes, we are currently looking for a sponsor. Because the whole team wants to continue playing LoL: Wild Rift, but there is no sponsor yet. Anyone interested can contact at Minaka page 비비 @minakabbi.”

Page name Minaka 비비 @minakabbi What is this from?
“Minaka This is the name of a character in Sailor Moon (Aino Minako: Aino Minako Secret Code Sailor V). The name Minako is changed to Minaka. BB is the name of It’s me but written in Korean So it’s Bibi.”

Why does BB like to play games?
“Actually, as a kid, I’ve been addicted to games since I was a kid, and I feel challenging and it’s fun playing games. So I keep playing and playing since grade 1.

What kind of games does BB actually like?
“I really like it, I like the MMORPG genre. It’s an open-world genre, walking around doing quests, hitting monsters, collecting stuff, but I don’t have that much time for it. So I gave up and started playing LoL: Wild Rift instead, but before playing Dragon Nest and playing outside surfing.”

BB’s favorite game?
“Now let’s give League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift another game, MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD. I really like it.”

If you have to cosplay the characters from the game What will BB dress up as?
“I want to dress up as Lux and Ahri from League of Legends.”

Has BB ever cosplayed both characters yet?
“I’ve cosplayed before. On the page I posted a picture of the Star Guardian Lux cosplay. Ahri hasn’t. Because the dress is a bit sexy, it’s not convenient to cosplay.

What games are there in BB mobile right now?
“There is League of Legends: Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, Hay Day and Egg, Inc..”

Do you remember the first time you had a chance to play the game?
“Remember, the first game I played was Red Alert, a base building game. order the soldiers to come out and then go hit with other houses to make us win It’s an offline game played at home, playing Rockman, lightsabers, butterflies, shooting stars, playing LAN with people in the house.

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How do we start playing Red Alert?
“I posted it on the computer. I saw my aunt play, hey.. it’s fun to play, so I went to play and I was hooked.”

Tell me a little bit when you see me play. And makes us want to play games?
“Auntie played a shooting game, military style, and I saw it and I thought it was cool. it looks fun When he did not play on the computer The rats and sisters are going to play together. will share playing time It’s fun to play I kept playing until I finally got addicted to the game.”

How many hours have you ever played a game in a row?
“Almost 24 hours, apart from taking a shower, I do everything in front of my computer.”

How old were you then?
“Since elementary school, about 5th grade, 6th grade, I’ve been addicted to games. But at that time, it wasn’t as much as during the middle school. If it was during the semester break, it was playing continuously for almost 2 days without sleeping at all. I fell asleep again around 2:30 p.m. the next day.”

Parents must be complaining about being addicted to games like this?
“At first he complained. Because I’m the eldest brother, have younger siblings, and have relatives who are cousins. Everyone was doing something after me. When I played the game, everyone played the same game as me. play as a family It’s a party At home, they complained a lot. Used to have internet plugs as well. because I played too hard He wanted to play for only 2 hours a day and then rest. but after I can divide my study time. Studying, I didn’t fall. At home, I stopped complaining.”

From the episode that was addicted to heavy games, playing for almost 2 days, how did BB manage to control himself? So that it doesn’t affect learning?
“Lately, I have been able to divide the time. after school One o’clock until midnight, one o’clock in the morning, I will sit and play games. homework or reports I will finish it at school. I’m not going to play games in the classroom at all. I study hard with a lecturer so that I don’t lose focus so I only do things related to studying. If you have homework or work I will try to complete it in one day or two if the first day is not finished. I will do half of it first. The next day, I will hurry to finish it. I have the idea that I have to finish every task ahead of schedule so that I can have a lot of free time.”

“In the study We should concentrate on studying in class. and then lecture. When it’s time for the exam, I will read at least 3 times. I will divide it into the first round, read through my eyes, round 2, read and write down the lecture. Round 3, just read the lecture and do the keywords. As for the 4th round. Above will only read keywords. It will make us remember the things we learned during high school to university. I will read a lot of books, while in middle school, I will read comics and novels more. The grades have never been a problem. Because in my room, I study hard. When the class is over, if I have cleared all my homework, I have finished all my work. I will play the game alone. Friends who see the game will be confused as to why the score is not bad or why it is top again. They would be surprised, but actually, I read a lot of books as well, just splitting the time.”

I want BB to give advice to young people who want to play games. But studying is not good, what should I do?
“There must be a certain level of self-discipline. If it is time to study I really want you to focus on that. Remember the content and give lectures on the important things that the teacher teaches. Let’s focus on that very much. It’s almost time for the exam. When we come to read the words that the teacher taught. It will remember itself. After studying, we want to rest. We can do our best. Make it a hobby.”

Beautiful memories of BB’s childhood games?
“It is a memory of the brothers and sisters who are relatives. mice play games together play the same game I want to enter this dungeon. then invites younger brothers and sisters to help beat, sit and play with 5 people, play games together.”

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Multiplayer game play It helps with socialization. Is there a human relationship with other people?
“Actually, it helps. but in society I’m in a group of friends too. Because I have come across both good and bad types. If we find a good type, we are happy, so we can be more approachable as well.”

I want BB to recommend the youngsters who are in the bad group. What should I do?
“Actually, it’s up to us to choose. If where we are is really not good for us, move out better.”

How did BB get started playing League of Legends?
“At first, I played on the computer first, my friend invited me to play. I didn’t play seriously. just playing with friends didn’t compete but it’s my favorite game and enough in the phone I’m looking forward I have been playing since the first day until today.”

Why do you prefer playing LoL on your phone over PC?
“I like it on the computer, but at that time, my computer wasn’t very good. but my phone can play So I choose to play on the phone. But now I play both.”

When did you realize that I was good at LoL?
“Actually, I don’t think I’m good at playing these games because these games are constantly being patched. It changed the way of playing. Therefore, you have to develop your skills all the time.”

How do you become an e-sports athlete?
“Come in and start the race. because a friend invited me Play with that group of friends until the eSports Association has selected the national team athletes. So I came in to sign up for the race. Finally became a champion So he was recruited into the national team.”

I want BB to tell me the route of being in the national team until going to the SEA Games
“During the national team He was selected as an All-Star. I want all my friends to come in, but the rule is to recruit the best players in each position. when being selected The practice continued until the day of the SEA Games. The first day was to attend the opening ceremony of the SEA Games. I didn’t think that my own life would stand at this point. went on behalf of the national team I have seen many things, met foreign friends, learned languages, a lot of stories happened, and it was very fun. There is one story that I really want to tell. One night I wanted to go out to eat Shabu Shabu around 3am. There is Shabu open 24 hours. Me and my friends take a taxi. It’s about 3 kilometers from the hotel. When we reach there, the taxi sends us off and we go. When we look for the shop, it appears that the shop is closed. Oh, it says it’s open 24 hours. So I walk from there back to the hotel. At night, the city has no people at all. It’s very quiet. Bangkok doesn’t have an atmosphere like this at all. Because no one came out to walk, it was strange.”

How proud BB is to be a Thai national team athlete?
“I’m very proud to be given this opportunity. My whole life was born 22 years. I didn’t think that we would come to stand at this point. went to walk in the SEA Games athletes parade at the opening ceremony I feel like this life doesn’t exist anymore. There will be once in a lifetime I’m really happy to be able to participate in this time.”

Before going to the BB race, do you think you’ll get a medal?
“Actually in the tournament before this match Had a pre-tournament before, the mice came in second place, losing to the Philippines who won the gold medal. So I think that I should get a coin, not 1 2 3, a coin back. Because I believe in my team too.”

After receiving the bronze medal, BB posted on Facebook that The form of play is not good. What is the cause?
“Most of them are health problems. like starting to feel sick And rest is not enough. In Vietnam, it rains all the time. It makes me sick easily.”

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Tell me about your fun experience competing at the SEA Games.
“When we competed, we met a team that we had only seen him on the screen. Both the women’s team and the men’s team When I met him, I felt Everyone looks so nice had a hilarious conversation especially the Philippines team He’s very friendly when he competes. The real one behind the curtain is even better.”

What do you think of the Thai female e-sports industry right now?
“In the future there may be better growth. In the beginning there were rarely any female tournaments. The prize money is small, and when there is competition, women rarely play. But in the future there is a chance to grow even more. There are more women’s tournaments.”

Are there less applicants during the competition?
“There are not a lot of new teams coming in to apply, most of them being the old ones.”

BB thinks how to do female e-sports in Thailand to grow And get more attention?
“From BB’s point of view There may be more tournaments. There is a promotion or more advertising It might help to increase the competition.”

Want BB to give advice or persuade female gamers? Let’s play more e-sports?
“If everyone wants to compete Everyone can find teammates in all positions. Form a team, practice, practice with foreign teams or Thai teams. Once there is a tournament, you can apply for it. There is no caveat You just need to have all 5 positions if it’s a LoL: Wild Rift game or a MOBA type.”

If the next SEA Games feature a women’s team LoL: Wild Rift again, BB will continue to focus on improving his skills. To go to the next SEA Games or not?
“Determined, right now I have a feeling of wanting to compete. I always wanted to participate in the competition.”

If announced, there is no LoL: Wild Rift game, only another game, BB will switch to another game. For a chance to be in the national team to go to the SEA Games?
“I’m thinking. If teammates go along Maybe change the game in order to go to the SEA Games together But if teammates are not okay Maybe practice this game first. because we cannot compete alone Because most of the games that I play will be played as a team. If teammates don’t get along and don’t like each other, it’s going to be difficult to play together.”

BB’s ultimate goal as an e-sports athlete?
“The ultimate goal is to get gold coins. I want to be more involved in the community of this game. may have a chance to become a brand ambassador or influencers that help promote the game to be more popular About that.”

Until what age do you think you will play the game?
“I would keep playing until I couldn’t play. If you are in working age I think that I will still be playing. Divide the playing time. Maybe play less.

In the next 5 years, what do you think BB is going to do?
“Might be a streamer. Freelance programmers. write a website also do computer related things.”

Would you like BB to leave something to your own fans and e-sports fans?
“First of all, B would like to thank his parents for supporting B since the beginning of the game. And pushing when B enters an e-sports competition, thanks to friends who follow from all channels Both encouraging and always following along. Anyway, after this, please follow each other for a long time and really indispensable, thanks to the Sports Authority of Thailand. E-Sports Association of Thailand For giving B and his female teammates an opportunity to play a role in the path of esports, thank you very much.”

Take a look at the beautiful fashion photos of the girl “BB”.


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