Special tape for Father’s Day “Somrak-Base” invaded which pair? Yes, Secret Love

Special tape for Father’s Day “Somrak-Base” Happy family invaded which pair? That’s right, Secret Love is looking for a real father-son duo and meets “A-Tai” who pretends to be a puzzle. Catch the dubious eye!

Happy Father’s Day on this wonderful occasion. Which pair is the list? Yes, Secret Love Therefore, do not miss out on picking up the most wow moments to please the audience for sure. This Sunday, get ready to meet A former boxer who asked to take a break from boxing and spent time with his kids instead. Bass – Somrak Kamsing The ultimate jealous father with his daughter Bass – Rakwanee Kamsing A beautiful daughter who carries a bright cuteness with a smile full of joy, coming to the stage, which pair? Yes, it’s Secret Love for the first time. In this event, both of them are ready to give away cute moments to welcome Father’s Day overflowing. with special rules that Somrak and Bass have to play a quiz game to find the real father-son pair and win the prize money to donate Enter the camera room renovation project colon and rectum examination Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society

After opening the riddle, I came to be stunned because many people are probably familiar with their faces, familiar eyes with good humor and humor. Atai – Suphathat Opas No matter what they say each time, it makes them laugh all the time. Let’s pay tribute to Somrak and Bass to guess who is the real father of Atai! But at this event, the person who is the most pontious must be given to Atai because he slipped out of his mouth to greet Bass earlier that he was preparing to meet in the show, or that Bass would have missed out on doing his homework very well in order to win the prize money. But I don’t know if the two guests will be able to answer correctly or not to follow!

This event is the worst presenter of the show. Tonhom – Sakuntala Tianpairote, Nui – Thanawat Prasitsomporn Seeing that once in a while Somrak and Bass will come to the show to let them go easily, so let’s have a hard time pretending to be deceived. This caused the two guests to become dizzy, paranoid and unsure of their own answers.

You have to support Somrak and Bess whether they can find the real father-son duo and grab the accumulated money or not. Follow and watch the fun together in which pair? That’s right, Secret Love, Sunday, December 5, 2021 at 4 p.m. on Channel 3HD, Channel 33 and update all movements at YouTube: ZENSE Entertainment and Facebook: Couple or Not? Which pair..yes


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