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A man from Hong Kong was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer with severe abdominal distension, and has been fighting cancer for 2 years to extend his life with the latest therapy.

Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer in Hong Kong, and its mortality rate is also high, making it the third leading cancer killer. For advanced patients, what are the ways to prolong the survival rate? In this episode of “Specialist Clinic”, Au Shau Kee, an expert in clinical oncology, shared the methods of preventing and treating liver cancer. He also shared the case of a patient with advanced liver cancer.

Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common

Dr Au explained that the most common type of liver cancer in Hong Kong is hepatocellular carcinoma, and the less common type is intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. Its type, treatment methods and causes are very different from hepatocellular carcinoma. As for hepatocellular carcinoma, more than 80% of it is related to hepatitis B, and about 5% of hepatocellular carcinoma is related to hepatitis C, and some of the reasons are unknown.

Dr. continued. , pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer and other cancers.

Liver cancer symptoms at different stages

Dr Au said that most early liver cancers have no symptoms, because the liver is the second largest internal organ in the body, and has no sensory nerve cells. If symptoms do appear, it is often a relatively late liver cancer or a larger liver cancer. Liver cancer symptoms explained:

7 Tips for Preventing Liver Cancer

Hepatitis B or C is the main cause of liver cancer, so these high-risk patients need special attention. Dr. shared. Au 7 tips to prevent liver cancer:

General treatment for liver cancer

There are many ways to treat liver cancer. Dr Au explained that different treatment methods should be determined according to the scope and stage of the tumor. He explained the general treatment methods from the early stage to the advanced stage.

New technology is helping to extend the patient’s life

For patients with advanced liver cancer, Dr. There are some newer treatment methods – targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy, and a combination of the two, which can help prolong patients’ lives and reduce side effects. He pointed out that after some patients receive one of the above three types of treatment, even though they are in an advanced stage, they may have a good rate of remission, which is better than chemotherapy alone.

A middle-aged man with severe abdominal pressure diagnosed with advanced liver cancer

Although suffering from advanced liver cancer is like losing the chance of recovery, with the development of medical technology and the willpower of the patient, the disease still has a chance to be controlled. Dr Au shared the story of a patient with advanced liver cancer that he had been in touch with.

About two years ago, he met a middle-aged man in his 50s. He had developed the liver stage at that time, and the liver cancer tumor was over 10cm. When he saw Dr. was in a semi-conscious state when he was admitted to hospital.

Dr. Ou gradually removed the toxicity such as Armonia in the patient’s body with palliative treatment, allowing him to slowly wake up, and then using a mixture of targeted drugs and immunotherapy drugs. The patient’s condition is very good, the tumor has shrunk, and the bile duct obstruction has gradually improved.

However, after receiving treatment for about one, the tumor ruptured, causing blood in the abdominal cavity, and the patient was admitted to hospital with acute abdominal pain. Dr. District performed a vascular embolization operation on him to stop the bleeding. He stopped taking targeted drugs because of concerns about affecting platelets and causing more bleeding, but continued to use immunotherapy drugs.

Fortunately, the patient recovered and his tumors are now under control. In the process, the support of his family is also very important to him.

Reporter: Ricca

Acknowledgments: Hong Kong Comprehensive Oncology Centre

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