Speech by President Zelensky of Ukraine to the US Congress… First Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution on Myanmar

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Host) What news do you have today?

Reporter) Yes. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the United States on the 21st, met with President Joe Biden, and spoke at a joint meeting of the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, the United States has announced additional military aid to Ukraine. The news that the United Nations Security Council has adopted the first resolution on Myanmar.

Host) Global Village Today, here is the first news. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke before the US Congress on the 21st?

Reporter) Yes. President Zelensky addressed the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the House of Representatives. In his speech, he emphasized that the tens of billions of dollars that the United States has provided to Ukraine are not charities, but investments in international security and democracy. President Zelensky also compared this war to the Second World War, which was fought against Nazi Germany.

Moderator) You mean the US subsidies are not for nothing?

Reporter) Yes. “You can speed up our victory,” Zelensky said. Yes,” he said.

Moderator) President Zelensky also emphasized the fact that Ukraine is healthy in his speech, right?

Reporter) Yes. “Despite all this ruin and darkness, Ukraine has not fallen. Ukraine is alive and vibrant,” he said. “We defeated Russia in battle. We are fearless and inspire the world with our achievements.” President Zelensky also said, “Next year is a year of transformation. The American courage and determination of Ukraine must be the time to ensure a free future. The Ukraine will never surrender.”

President Zelensky held a joint press conference after holding a summit with US President Joe Biden before addressing the US Congress. What words came out of this place?

Reporter) Yes. First, President Biden emphasized that he is not at all concerned about maintaining an international cooperation team that helps Ukraine. Amid concerns that some allies could be overwhelmed by disruptions to global food and energy supplies from a costly war, President Biden said he “felt very good” about unity in support of Ukraine.

Host) You mean the US and its allies are still firmly supporting Ukraine?

Reporter) Yes. President Biden criticized, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has no intention of ending this brutal war.” He then said, “The United States will continue to support Ukraine as long as the Russian invasion continues.” He announced a policy of additional military aid of 10 million dollars.

Moderator) Did you include special weapons in the military support items this time?

Reporter) Yes. It includes the Patriot missile battery, a high-performance surface-to-air missile system, and military supplies critical to the operation of the battery. In addition, additional ammunition, missiles, field artillery, and other military supplies were included for the already provided ‘high speed mobile artillery rocket system (HIMAS)’. This is our 28th request since August last year.

Moderator) The Patriot missile was a weapon that Ukraine strongly requested from the US, right?

Reporter) Yes. Recently, Russia has been mobilizing drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) and missiles to attack Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, and the damage is mounting. To prevent such attacks, high performance Patriot missiles were requested. In response, Russia reacted cautiously against Ukraine’s presentation of Patriot.

Host) What did President Zelensky say about this additional military aid?

Reporter) Yes. At a press conference on the 21st, President Zelensky first said, “The American people, the people who are doing a lot for Ukraine, I thank them all.” Zelensky also emphasized that this is a very important step towards creating a safe airspace for Ukraine and preventing Russian attacks on “our energy sector, our people and our infrastructure.”

Moderator) Was there any mention of a plan to end the war at this press conference?

Reporter) Yes. When asked about this, President Zelensky replied, “I cannot compromise the territory, sovereignty and freedom of my country just for the sake of peace.” In response to the same question, President Biden said that the United States shares “a precise vision of a free, independent, prosperous and secure Ukraine” with President Zelensky.

Moderator) President Zelensky used a slightly complicated route to come to the United States this time, right?

Reporter) Yes. President Zelenskiy took a train to Poland for safety and then arrived in Washington DC on the same day (21st) on a US military plane. This is the first time President Zelensky has visited a foreign country since the start of the war with Russia.

Host) How did Russia react to President Zelensky’s visit to the United States?

Reporter) Yes. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian presidency’s office, warned reporters on Wednesday that providing new weapons would only worsen the conflict. He also said that Russia sees no hope of a peace agreement with Ukraine.

Host) On the other hand, Russian President Putin insisted that Russia was not responsible for this war, right?

Reporter) Yes. In a speech to military commanders on the 21st, President Putin said that Russia was not responsible for the war in Ukraine and that Russia and Ukraine “share a tragedy”. At the same time, he argued that this war was the product of a third country’s policy.

Location of the United Nations Security Council meeting held on the 9th (file photo)

Host) Global village today, the next news. The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution on Myanmar.

Reporter) Yes. The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on the 21st demanding that Myanmar’s military regime stop violence and release all political prisoners, including former state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi. In the vote, 12 of the 15 members of the Security Council voted in favor, while China, Russia and India abstained.

Moderator) Is this the first time a resolution related to Myanmar has been issued in the Security Council?

Reporter) Yes. This is the first decision of the Security Council since Myanmar became a member of the United Nations in 1948. The country of Myanmar was called Burma at the time. The resolution also called for the immediate and effective implementation of the five peace agreements proposed by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and respect for the democratic will of the Myanmar people.

Moderator) It is known that this resolution was drafted by the UK, correct?

Reporter) Yes. British Ambassador to the United Nations Barbara Woodward said after the adoption of the resolution, “Today we have sent a clear message to the Myanmar military without doubt.” He also said the Security Council’s decision “sent a message to the people of Myanmar that they are seeking progress consistent with their rights, hopes and interests.”

Moderator) What did the US side say about adopting the resolution?

Reporter) Yes. Secretary of State Tony Blincoln welcomed the adoption of the decision in a statement on the 21st, saying it was an important step taken by the Security Council and more should be done.

Moderator) However, I understand that China and Russia, who abstained from the vote on this resolution, show a slightly different point of view.

Reporter) Yes. Zhang Jun, the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, said, “China still has concerns,” but “there is no quick way to solve this problem.” Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia said that he does not consider the Myanmar issue as “a threat to international peace and security.”

Moderator) How did the rebel camp react?

Reporter) Yes. Cho Mo Tun, Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations, who represents the government of Aung San Suu Kyi, said that there are positive elements to the decision, but that stronger action is needed. “This is just the first step,” he said. “The National Unity Government of Myanmar urges the Security Council to take stronger action to ensure an end to the army and the crimes committed by the army.”

Moderator) Yes. Global Village Today, I will listen to this.

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