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Speech by Qin Gang and Kissinger in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of “Ping Pong Diplomacy” by the China-US Table Tennis Association | Ping Pong Diplomacy | Qin Gang | Sino-US Relations_Sina News

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Original Title: The China-US Table Tennis Association commemorates the 50th anniversary of “Ping Pong Diplomacy”, Qin Gang and Kissinger delivered speeches

The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, the U.S. Table Tennis Association and the Chinese Table Tennis Association jointly organized the “Continuing Friendship and Creating a Bright Future-China-U.S. “Ping Pong Diplomacy” 50th Anniversary Commemoration Event” in Houston, USA on the evening of the 23rd.

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang and former US Secretary of State Kissinger delivered speeches respectively.

In April 1971, during the US table tennis delegation’s invitation to visit China in Beijing, an American table tennis player (right) and Chinese table tennis players trained together to learn their skills.

Qin Gang said in a video speech that 50 years ago, the older generation of leaders seized historic opportunities with extraordinary strategic vision and courage, and “propelled the big ball with a small ball”, which opened the prelude to the normalization of Sino-US relations. Over the past 50 years, Sino-US relations have continued to move forward through ups and downs and achieved historic achievements.

Qin Gang pointed out that win-win cooperation has always been the mainstream of Sino-US relations. Although there are sometimes competitions, both parties should abide by the recognized rules like table tennis players, conduct fair and healthy competition, respect each other, appreciate each other, learn from each other, and improve together in the competition.

Qin Gang said that China-US relations are now at a new crossroads. The “big ball” of Sino-US relations still needs the “small ball” of table tennis to promote, that is, the strategic foresight, political courage and people’s friendship embodied in “ping pong diplomacy”. This is the practical significance of commemorating it today.

Kissinger stated in his video speech that 50 years ago, the US table tennis team made a request to China for a visit to China. This visit has been very effective and has made important contributions to US-China relations. I hope everyone knows that table tennis can promote The two great nations of China and the United States have contributed to mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.

US Olympic Committee Chairman Lyons stated in a video speech that in 1971, the US table tennis delegation accepted an invitation to visit China, and the international media at that time reported on the front page. He said that US-China relations in the new era will surely send a message of peace to the world.

Bai Lijuan, Vice Chairman of the National Committee on US-China Relations, Shen Weini, CEO of the US Table Tennis Association, Liu Guoliang, Chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, and several Chinese and US “ping pong diplomacy” witnesses delivered speeches successively.

They said that China and the United States should inherit and carry forward the spirit of “ping-pong diplomacy”, so that cultural exchanges and people-to-people exchanges continue to add more positive energy to the development of Sino-US relations.

  During the event, representatives of the Chinese table tennis team Wang Hao and Fan Zhendong had a wonderful exhibition match with American athletes who had participated in the “Ping Pong Diplomacy” that year, which drew bursts of applause and applause from the guests.

  Source: Xu Jianmei, Pan Lijun, Xingyue, Tan Yixiao/Xinhua News Agency

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