Speech stage in Bangkok Until the fight “Sakoltee” hit the child who did not know the time

Wrong speech, Bangkok PPP It was a mess. trying to break into the front of the stage Until the side fight “Sakonthi”. Children do not know the timeliness, begging not to disturb the democratic rally stage. As for suing? wait to talk to adults first

Reporters reported at 6:00 pm during the Pracharath Power Party. organized a sub-stage for the North Thonburi Zone in the public park under the Rama VIII Bridge when Mr. Sansana Suriyayothin, the candidate Member of Parliament for Bangkok, Thonburi District Palang Pracharat Party gave a speech. have a group of Ms. Thantawan Tuatulanon (Tawan) and Ms. Orawan Phupong (Bam), independent activists. Take the Talu Wang group with vinyl placards from many political parties. together with reflecting the impact on young people affected by the 112 case, where the group tried to carry out political activities in the area of ​​the speech stage by trying to break into the area in front of the stage

Was it the security guard or the card at the entrance with a steel barrier set up But the crowd tried to push through.
until the violence escalated. There was a fight between the security officers and the crowd. chaos that stunned the people who attended the speech

Pa Ms Boonnada Supiyapan, the MP candidate for the Bangkok Palang Pracharat Party Bangkok Noi District who was the emcee on the stage at the time, urgently announced to ask everyone to keep quiet and tell the youth group that If you want to claim anything Let’s have a good conversation, don’t cause violence. We operate in accordance with democracy. And ask the event officials to help push the crowd away from the area. to avoid chaos

However, the chaos continued for more than 20 minutes until security forces pushed the crowd out of the area. “I would like to reject this process. Because it’s not fair to me. The police are under the jurisdiction of the parties and the court is under the jurisdiction of the parties. I refuse to proceed with the case against me,” said Yok Thanonop, a 15-year-old youth, who was immediately taken to the detention center for the case under Section 112 of the Mob case 13 October, 2022

Mr. Sakoltee Pattiyakul, Team Leader, Candidate Bangkok MP gave an interview after that chaotic event We intend to speak He came to speak to the people, who was General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Pracharat Palang Party Declared over the conflict considered is a very good thing But today the event Not a bit timely

Today we enter the process of democratic campaigning. Discussions can be held with different groups of people. but in a more peaceful manner Because during the event There are still activities on the stage. The nature of the arrival of the youth is disturbing, what I was told. There is an injured card. Here, if there is a lawsuit, it is considered a personal right. But for the Palang Party Pracharat There must be a discussion with the elders of the party first. As for youth groups injured in conflict, they also have the right to sue,” said Sakolthee.

Sakolthee continues to be the sub-region stage Bangkok has hosted several times. We must take this incident as a lesson. And considering organizing events in terms of increasing security, he thought that when the election campaign would like to compete in the policies of each party, it would be better. Our party is ready to listen, for example, when Ms Passaralee Thanakitwibulphol or Mind, the leader of the People’s Party 2020, met with Gen. Prawit. can talk to each other well Not such a disruptive nature. If you really want to talk Better use another step Today is not the right time, we can make an appointment anywhere, but Tofo is not like this. This is speech time. Not coming during this period, probably not suitable.

When asked about the case where the masses demanded bail and Article 112, Mr Sakolthee said that our Palang Pracharat Party is open to hearing the views of all groups. A person who has the right to vote can express his opinion according to his right to freedom. But there should be a more appropriate time to make an appointment to talk to each other. Not claiming your own story while other people are doing activities


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