Speed ​​Freeks” officially announced, alpha has also implemented « doope!

In the exhibition “Warhammer Skulls Showcase 2023” broadcast early today, Caged Element’s new work “Warhammer 40,000: Speed ​​Freeks” was announced, which worked on the fighting racing game “GRIP”, and will run at speed in a violent game . Ork Vehicle It has become clear that the development of a new combat racing game is underway.

“Warhammer 40,000: Speed ​​Freeks” is a hybrid combat race and shooter that depicts the battle of the speed-obsessed orc group “Speed ​​Freeks”, a brutal race where fighting wagons, trucks, buggies and warbikes conflicts with EU5. an announcement trailer has appeared allowing you to check out the high-quality images by adopting.

Also, along with the announcement, the alpha test of this work has begun,SteamEntry is accepted on the product page, so if you’re interested, why not apply as soon as possible?


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