Speedrunner manages to get ‘impossible’ extra life in Super Mario 64 almost 30 years after release

It has cost him blood, sweat and tears, the best years of his life are behind him, but now he has finally been defeated. The legendary mushroom, the unattainable extra life in Super Mario 64, has eluded players for 27 years.

Now, it must be said that nine years ago, it was actually a Toyuru2 player who managed to get an extra life all the way in Cool, Cool Mountain, but died immediately after the performance. Life is gained and life is lost. Nobody comes close to this, but it is often tried.

Since its launch, players have been trying to reach the mushroom set to be able to loot it, to no avail. All in all, it took almost 30 years for someone to crack the code, and that person was the PaLiX speed runner. However, it took an hour and a half of jumping between walls before PaLiX finally reached a position where it could then use the so-called Pedro point, where the game calculated Mario’s position relative to the floor in order to finally having his coveted Treasure, his life intact.

It remains to be seen how long it will take before someone manages to figure out how to catch the famous mushroom without losing a life and without using any help.

Here you can see how it happened when PaLiX managed to break the 27 year curse.


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