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‘Spending a lot of money’ Suwon Samsung fans’ ‘Daepak Expedition’

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ⓒSuwon Samsung away fans waiting for the match in ‘Villaworks’

[스포츠니어스 | 대구=김현회 기자] The purchasing power of Suwon Samsung fans was enormous.

On the 21st, Daegu FC and Suwon Samsung’s Hana One Q K League 1 2021 match was held at DGB Daegu Bank Park. It could have been a game without steam as it was a match between two teams that were far from the championship. However, Daegu was the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a meaningful game to receive 100% spectators for the first time at DGB Daegu Bank Park. Spectators in Daegu uniforms gathered at the stadium long before the game started.

It wasn’t just this. Spectators in Suwon Samsung’s blue uniforms flocked like clouds. It was the heat of the away crowd that I felt for the first time in a long time in a situation where the professional football federation even allowed away fans to enter. Suwon Samsung fans gathered at the stadium three hours before the game. From uniforms engraved with the name of ‘Legend’ Gim Ki-hoon, to those wearing the latest and hottest jerseys with the name of Sang-bin Jeong engraved on them. Home fans in light blue Daegu uniforms also flocked to the vicinity of the stadium.

Suwon Samsung fans’ purchasing power has already been established. An interview with the owner of a cafe near the stadium was also a hot topic while the game was being played without spectators in the aftermath of Corona 19. In May of last year, the owner of a cafe near Daepak Stadium said in an interview with Yonhap News, “If it wasn’t for the match without spectators, both home and away fans would have lined up… “I especially miss Suwon Samsung’s away fans who spend a lot of money.” The power of Suwon Samsung fans, who move on a large scale regardless of long-distance expeditions, has been felt even greater after the aftermath of Corona 19. The expression ‘spending a lot of money’ became a phrase expressing the extraordinary purchasing power of Suwon Samsung fans.

To celebrate the Daegu FC-Suwon Samsung match, which will be held in the public domain and open to away fans <스포츠니어스>headed to the cafe where the interview was a hot topic at the time. However, the cafe is currently closed. A new restaurant was opened in this place, and it was filled with customers for the match in Yuguan. Not only fans of the home team Daegu FC, but also people wearing Suwon Samsung uniforms, which are famous for their good purchasing power, filled the restaurant. Like Suwon Samsung expedition fans who ‘spent a lot of money’, they opened their wallets in this restaurant before the game.

Suwon Samsung away fans waiting for the match at ‘Billiworks’ ⓒSportsNears

Although the cafe was closed, DGB Daegu Bank Park shook with the purchasing power of Suwon Samsung’s away fans. In particular, the blue wave overflowed in the cafe ‘Billiworks’ behind the stadium, which is famous as a restaurant for Suwon Samsung fans. ‘Billy Works’ is a well-known restaurant for expedition fans who are looking for ‘Daepak’ even two years ago, when they were able to cheer for them. In addition to drinks, this place also sells croissants and baguettes. It is located right in front of the away cheering seats, so it is a place where away fans can use more comfortably than Daegu home fans. ‘Billy Works’ has become a must-visit for away fans of ‘Daepak’ by word of mouth.

When we arrived at ‘Billie Works’ two hours before the game started, fans in Suwon Samsung uniforms were overflowing here and there. They were like Suwon Samsung fans with good purchasing power ‘spending a lot of money’. Kim Hyun-yong (33-year-old), a Suwon fan who visited this place with friends, said, “I came here when I visited Daegu two years ago. heard this It’s been a long time since I’ve come to cheer on an expedition, and I came back here again,” he said. Among those who did not wear Suwon Samsung uniforms, there were many who looked stylish with Suwon Samsung mufflers, training jackets, and goods.

In the soccer community ‘Femco’, the contents of ‘Reporter Hyun-hoe Kim joined Billy Works’ was delivered in real time. It was a post from someone who is a Suwon fan who is using a smartphone, but there are so many Suwon fans, so there is no way to know who it is. ‘Billieworks’ is a place where word of mouth has spread through the soccer community in particular. There are many soccer fans who leave ‘certification shots’ here. A Suwon fan I met here laughed, saying, “They don’t know their faces, but when you see a customer wearing the same Suwon uniform, there’s a sense of camaraderie.”

It was no exaggeration to say that half of the customers at the cafe were Suwon Samsung fans. One Suwon Samsung fan said, “I came to Daegu yesterday afternoon with my friends. When I visit Daegu, I definitely stop by this cafe.” When asked, “Did you ever do that hot hunting in Dongseong-ro?”, he laughed without saying a word. Another Suwon fan couple who visited this cafe said, “I read through the soccer community that if you come to ‘Daepak’, you must visit ‘Billiworks’. To show the ‘purchasing power’ of Suwon Samsung fans, I purposely ordered only expensive drinks.”

A fan of Suwon Samsung, who visited ‘Ediya’, a famous place in ‘Daepak’, is looking at the seat where CEO Cho Gwang-rae sat. ⓒSportsNears

The cafe manager said, “Before the aftermath of Corona 19, on the days of Daegu FC home games, a lot of fans wearing uniforms from each region came.” Especially today, a lot of people wearing Suwon Samsung uniforms came. Sales more than tripled compared to the usual weekend. I’m having a crazy day. I wish Daegu FC and Suwon Samsung would play every day,” he laughed. As game time approached, Suwon Samsung fans lined up at the cafe to pack their coffee.

It was the same with the cafe ‘Ediya’ in front of the stadium. This is considered one of Daegu FC’s famous spots (?). This is the cafe where Cho Hyun-woo and Jo Gwang-rae met during the Daegu FC days. This place was also full of Suwon Samsung fans before the game. Both the first and second floors of the store were full. A Suwon Samsung fan who visited this cafe with his family said, “I came to Daegu yesterday, ate delicious food and stopped by famous places. This is the seat where CEO Jo Gwang-rae used to sit, but there have been no customers from that seat since before. It’s a pity that I had to sit down and take a picture.”

This cafe was also full of Suwon Samsung fans here and there. The cafe part-time student said, “I’ve been working for a little over three months, and there are too many customers today. And every guest who comes wants to sit in a specific seat by the window. I don’t know why,” he said. There were many fans of Daegu FC as well as Suwon Samsung fans in ‘Ediya’. Even during the brief interrogation period, a customer wearing a Suwon Samsung uniform and training jacket came into the cafe and had to turn away after the clerk said that there was no seat available.

The restaurant on the first floor of ‘Daepak’ was overflowing with fans watching the match between Suwon FC and Jeonbuk Hyundai. ⓒSportsNears

At the pork belly restaurant ‘Seoksam’ right next to ‘Ediya’, there were no tables with customers. This is a restaurant frequented by the club’s representatives including Jo Gwang-rae after the game. It is also famous as a restaurant among Daegu fans. A ‘Seoksam’ official said, “We’re going to do business in the evening anyway,” and said, “After the game, both Daegu fans and Suwon Samsung fans will come here.” There were no tables with customers in the restaurant, but Suwon FC and Jeonbuk Hyundai War were played on the large TV. Ahead of the evening business for K-League fans, there was a sense of war (?) in ‘Seoksam’.

‘Daepak’ has a structure in which cafes and restaurants are located side by side on the first floor of the stadium. Spectators in uniforms from both teams flocked to the square as well as the cafes and restaurants on the first floor an hour before the game started. Every cafe and restaurant was full of spectators. In particular, there was no place without customers in Suwon Samsung uniforms. In one chicken restaurant, Suwon FC vs Jeonbuk Hyundai was played. The moment Jeonbuk Hyundai scored the second goal to make it 2-2, Daegu FC and Suwon Samsung fans lamented, “Oh why!” Long before the game, ‘Daepak’ was thrilled, and Suwon Samsung fans, in particular, showed off their enormous purchasing power. They ordered chicken and beer before the game and were looking forward to the next game.

Prior to the match, only 4,500 tickets were sold in advance. Suwon Samsung fans flocked to one side of the stadium to watch the game as away cheering was prohibited. When I told a Suwon Samsung official, “There are Suwon Samsung fans all over the stadium,” he said, “What do you have that much,” but his face showed a sense of pride. That’s why the phrase ‘Suwon Samsung expedition fans who spend a lot of money’ seems to have come out.

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