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‘Spin Mistake’ Figure Skating Kim Min-chae, Junior Grand Prix 5th Competition Final 4th (Overall)

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Couldn’t handle layback spin, ‘0 point processing’… Failed medals due to overlapping attention and long edges

Jia Shin, a 13-year-old girl, ‘finally 6th place’ in free skating clean performance

Kim Min-chae preparing to perform in free skating

[ISU 유튜브 캡처. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Young-ho = Kim Min-chae (15, Shin Mok-jung), a promising female figure skating single, finished fourth at the International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix, where she first appeared, and unfortunately missed the medal.

Kim Min-chae scored 121.65 points in the free skating of the 5th ISU Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix competition held at Tivoli Hall in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 25th (Korean time), combining 62.71 TES and 58.94 PCS.

Min-chae Kim, who scored 70.83 points in the short program the day before, recorded a total of 192.48 points and was 1.29 points behind Lindsay Songreen (USA, 193.77 points), who took the bronze medal, and failed to make it to the podium.

It was painful to get 0 points because I couldn’t handle the last acting task, the layback spin.

Russia’s Adelia Petrosian (210.57 points) won the championship, while Sofia Samodelkina (Russia, 206.67 points) took the silver medal.

Shin Ji-ah (Yeong Dong-jung), a ’13-year-old girl’ who participated with Kim Min-chae, took the 6th place with a total score of 178.65.

In the triple lutz-triple toe loop combination, the first jump task, while attention was given to the lutz jump (beware of using an edge), the triple loop that followed neatly ran, but she was again judged of attention in successive triple flips.

After that, Kim Min-chae, who continued acting smoothly, suffered a long edge (using the wrong edge) judgment in the triple lutz-double toe loop-double loop combination jump and lost the performance score (GOE).

In particular, after finishing the step sequence, Min-chae Kim finished her acting with an awkward spin posture, unable to raise her legs as if she was confused in her acting before the final task, the layback spin.

Kim Min-chae, who placed 2nd in the short program and revealed the prospect of a medal, eventually got two attention and one long edge judgment in the free skating, and then made the mistake of not being able to handle the final postponement task, the layback spin, and missed the medal right in front of her eyes.

Shin Ji-ah in free skating

[ISU 유튜브 캡처. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

Rather, Shin Jia, who took 7th place in the short program, performed ‘clean acting’ in the free skating and climbed to 6th place.

In free skating, Shin Jia performed a good performance by taking extra points from 7 jump elements without attention or long edge, and digesting all 3 spins and 1 step sequence to level 4.

In particular, the first jump task, the triple lutz-triple toe-loop combination jump, as well as the triple lutz-double toe-loop-double-loop combination jump run in the added point section, neatly handled the high-level jump tasks, and was included in the top 10 in the junior grand prix competition where he participated for the first time. made a difference

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