Spin Phaiboon Kiat I stayed at the hospital for almost a month. Entering the ICU thanks doctors to help survive to the shore

Going through a very bad life with a terrible disease, I don’t want anyone to have to face it like myself. – famous singer Churn Phaiboon Kiat Kheaw He recovered from the symptoms of COVID-19 and was discharged from the hospital on May 13, 64, the Facebook page Churn Phaibun Kiatkheaw, Pun Paibuljkiat Kheokao Classy Records, posted a message to Pee Pun (Paiboon Kiat Kheawkaew ) Recovered from “COVID-19” symptoms and discharged from the hospital I miss and thank the music fans and the medical team. And all medical personnel at Kasemrad Ramkhamhaeng Hospital, especially Dr. Paricha Chaowalit, who has taken good care of Pee Pun for almost a month. I wish you all to love yourself very much, do not underestimate “COVID-19”, take care of yourself, everyone. Always miss everyone. Thank you. # Spin Paiboon Kiatkheaw #Kasemrad Hospital Ramkhamhaeng #Covid 19

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In the clip, the singer opened his mind after passing the terrible disease I was hospitalized for almost a month, it was a very bad story from my life. So glad to be back home. Thank you to all the doctors at Kasemrad Hospital Ramkhamhaeng. Who take care of a lot of patients

I was the one who had spent my life at this hospital in twelve, two-bed rooms and the ICU, and now I was in the recovery room and allowed to go home. I didn’t expect to experience this kind of experience. Thank you very much Dr. Parisha. Give me advice and follow up about the COVID symptoms about me until it leads me to the shore.And come back to life at home Thank you everyone for your encouragement

Today is a new day for me Thanks to everyone who encouraged and asked each other. I want to let you know that I am okay now. Thank you for your encouragement Which my normal life The doctor recommended In the end, we have to be careful. As everyone knows, you have to wash your hands, put on a mask, keep your distance, do not meet the way I see it.


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