Spin to fight against the life of ‘Rider’, drive after the car thief Angry, he will kick the policeman to remove his consciousness.

He turned to fight against the life of ‘Rider’, stealing a motorbike for a living, chasing, angering and kicking the police.

Grabbing Sot is unbearable being attacked by a Myanmar man stealing a motorcycle for a living Kicking the criminal in the face will not allow the police

on 17 September Mr. Charm At the age of 46, a cyclist in Mae Sot Sub-District, Mae Sot District, Tak Province, is about to attack by kicking him in the face, 28, a gangster from Myanmar who stole Mr Sanae’s motorcycle. But the Mae Sot Police Station has banned him and is trying to attack again. until the police said if they didn’t listen, they would sue

Before the event, Mr. Sanae ate at a restaurant in Ban Nuea Market, Mae Sot Subdistrict, Mae Sot District. Having got the keys to the car Then came Mr. Pae past, grab the starter and flee to the Asian road. But the charm of Mr. So, the restaurant owner borrowed a motorbike to follow. Along with notifying the police to trace the extraction until the criminal can be followed directly behind the famous hotel in Mae Sot Path to the crossroads to Mae Ramat Area

From the police investigation, that was revealed What Mr came from Myawaddy to find work but still not working I had no money to spend, so I stole my motorbike.

As Mr Newydd said release the motorbike for 3 months and pay monthly installments. If you can’t catch it, it will be bad for sure because you have to send the car every month. Thanks to Mae Sot Police Station for helping to intercept the car and get it back.

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