Spin Young Chiang Mai overthrow the seniors of the national team Win the Time Trial Championship Sisaket Games – Fresh News

Yuttana Mano A 24-year-old iron-calf cyclist from Chiang Mai shows his strength. Defeat the seniors of the national team to win the gold medal in the road category, Time Trial, 45 km. Sisaket Games.

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The movement of the 47th National Games “Sisaket Games” in which Sisaket Province hosted the latest competition on March 9, 65, is the official medal competition on the 4th day.

A highlight to the cycling race was the first day of the Time Trial category. At Sisaket-Wang Hin Road, winning 2 gold medals, male person, 45 km distance, “Chao Knot” Police Lt. Gen. Yuttana Mano A young man, Chiang Mai, 24, a silver medalist in the 2017 SEA Games team category, finished with a time of hours, overthrowing the senior national team. Successfully won the gold medal As for the silver medal, Air Force Master Sergeant “Kew” Peerapong Lad-ngern from Bangkok, Thai national team cyclist, statistics hours, while the bronze medalist, Sergeant Sarawut Sirinachai, the national team cyclist, owns 3 gold medals at the SEA Games once. The 30th finishes with a time of hrs.

After the end of the competition, police sergeant Yutthana said that it was the first time that they were able to defeat the seniors of these national teams because they had never won at all, which would use the method of alternating competitions. Very happy to be able to do so. Personal success before entering the field does not feel much pressure because we meet all the time in various competitions, most recently, the Thai championship. The next goal is to focus on the international level, which hopes to be in the national team. Join the Asian Games and win some medals.

In the time trial category, 30 km, female individuals, which are rich in national team athletes, both large and youth competing, the result showed that Kamolada White, a young female cyclist under the age of 23, representative of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Made the best time of 46.42.26 minutes and won the gold medal. By defeating the senior national team such as Chaniphon Cardiya, the former champion from Bangkok. who made a record 47.42.86 minutes only got a silver medal And the bronze medal belongs to Petchdarin Somrat, another national team athlete from Chiang Mai, stats 47.43.79 minutes.