‘Splinter Cell’ remake story updates for modern gamers, emerges from Ubisoft job postings « doope!

Late last year, a full remake of “Splinter Cell” was announced that uses the Snowdrop engine and is attracting attention that it can be rewritten.

This emerged from the call for writers for “Splinter Cell” launched by Ubisoft Toronto, and in the recruitment guidelines, Ubisoft Toronto rewrote the story for a modern audience based on the original “Splinter Cell” and went on with the update. , it is written that they explore to make the characters and the world of the work more realistic and believable while maintaining the spirit and theme of the original.

So far, details about the story of the full remake version are unknown, but the first generation released in November 2002 was set in the then Republic of Georgia (currently Georgia), and the United States and Russia far from the current situation. , depicting a delicate relationship in China, is definitely a story not suited for modern times, and expectations are high for further follow-up reports on what changes Ubisoft is planning.

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