sport and politics

But when the days passed sport and politics cannot be separated from each other Driving national development under the control of political parties that form a sports government is therefore one of the dimensions of the driving policy that cannot be separated from politics.

Our house will soon enter election mode for members of the House of Representatives.

The closer to the election, the louder the political drums began to sound. and create more awareness among the people, respectively

Political campaign policies of various political parties So it is one of the trends that comes along with the election. All parties today So, leverage strategies to win the hearts of voters and lead to winning battles in many dimensions.

However, after different political parties When presenting selling points, it is found that most of them focus on solving or solving social problems. Especially when it comes to the economy.

driving social policy In particular, the dimension linked to sport is found which has not been shown in a concrete way. This may be due to sports Only a small sector can be integrated into the social sector.

And most importantly, although sport is one of the dimensions of adding value in economic development and society under the awakening of the people But if we consider in terms of reality, various political parties It can be considered that sports policy cannot be a selling point. or lead to victory in the electoral battle

In reference to political and sports parties before If you go back to October 28, 2009, at that time, “Phang Khon Sports Party” was one of the registered political parties established under the leadership of “Big Hoi” Thawatchai Sajakul as the leader or commander in chief. With the Khun Phon Khu Khai “Wiroon Kerdchukul” as secretary general

The main policy of the Sports People’s Power Party is to develop the sports industry and build national unity. And when entering the battle on the official election battlefield

Although the leader as “Big Hoi” is steadfast and determined to develop and upgrade the sports industry. But due to the current and ammunition factor, including the social context at the time, the Sports Power Party ended its role and later disappeared from the political page.

For the election that will be held soon, questions or problems from sports people may be sent to the party. Politics that any party is ready to offer or adopt a sporting dimension as a policy guide Or a selling point in the fight?

Above all, before entering the booth, the cross believes that the owner. True sovereignty would have to reflect and learn lessons in order to have a government that is ready to truly drive the development of the people.

and I hope that “sports” will be one of the policies in political parties that will be assimilated to the government to provide important forever.

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