5 weapons threatening Al-Ahly in the African Sun Champions League … video and photos


The first football team in the Al-Ahly Club is preparing to face the South African Sun Dunes in the African Champions League quarter-finals, according to the results of the draw held in one of the hotels of the city of “6 October”, and the first leg of the two teams will be held on February 29 and then return next March 6. Respectively.

In a painful blow before the Al-Ahly clash in the African Champions League, Sun D’Anbo’s Thabilo Morena, known as the South African team’s goals machine, suffered a severe twisting in the foot, which he missed for several months, which negatively affects the attacking team’s performance.

But despite that, we monitor you 5 prominent stars in SunDowns who threaten Al-Ahly in the African Champions League website and they are ..

Dennis Onyango (34 years old / Uganda)


The Uganda goalkeeper is at the top of the list of the best stars of the team for his physical strength and outstanding mastery within his goal, and he was previously crowned the best player award in the brown continent in 2016, and Oniango Lair Sun Duan’s guard in 5 matches of the African Champions League this season, and received two goals and 3 Clean Sheet, in my league South Africa participated in 14 games, conceded 11 goals and 5 clean sheet.

Thimba Zwani (30 years old / South Africa)

My adulterers

Acer Sun Doans Pavilion, the team’s top scorer, has managed to score 7 goals so far in the local league and 4 assists, and scored two goals out of a total of 6 matches played with the Brazilians in the Champions League this season, also scored two of the five goals that the team scored in the window of Al-Ahly to meet last season.

Bkamani (22 years old / South Africa)

With my cam

An attacking midfielder who previously played for Al-Ahly, and despite his absence from many matches this season for injury, he is one of the winning cards for Sun Downs coach Petsu Musimani, and he appeared in Kammani in 4 matches in the South African League and 3 meetings of the Champions League.

Gaston Sereno (28 years old / Uruguay)


The main player of Sun Dawns coach in the matches, because of his ability to link the team to the attack, and played 7 matches in the African Champions League this season, and scored two goals and 4 assists, in addition to 17 achieved opportunity to score.

Andeli Galle (29 years old / South Africa)


Defender midfielder, is the most passive player in the CAF Champions League group stage with 436 assists and 86 passes.%.Another advantage is ball control and good fielding.



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