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Today at the stage of the World Cup in cross-country skiing in Oberstdorf there will be a men’s sprint in a classic style.

Ski race

world Cup

Oberstdorf, Germany


Sprint classic style

Qualification start – at 11:15, finals – at 13:45 Moscow time.

Start list

1. Goran Tefre (Norway)

2. Paul Gulberg (Norway)

3. Johan Hagstrom (Sweden)

4. Theodor Peterson (Sweden)

6. Johannes Hesflot Klebo (Norway)

7. Federico Pellegrino (Italy)

8. Sindre Bjornestad Skar (Norway)

9. Eric Valnes (Norway)

10. Luca Shanava (France)

12. Howard Sulos Taugbel (Norway)

16. Emil Iversen (Norway)

17. Iivo Niskanen (Finland)

18. Sergey Ustyugov (Russia)

20. Gleb Retivykh (Russia)

21. Kalle Halvarsson (Sweden)

22. Alexander Bolshunov (Russia)

26. Andrey Krasnov (Russia)

28. Alexander Terentyev (Russia)

44. Ilya Semikov (Russia)

48. Ermil Vokuev (Russia)

49. Sergey Ardashev (Russia)


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