Case of Víctor Guzmán opaque triumph of Chivas to start the Clausura 2020


The Chivas, in the sports field, began the Clausura 2020 in a convincing way by convincingly defeating Juarez 2-0 at the Akron Stadium, but the case of Víctor Guzmán overshadows the victory of the Tapatios as it is one of his reinforcements for the current tournament and for the secrecy as it has been treated.

The rojiblancos were the most active team in the recess between campaigns with the incorporation of eight elements, which immediately deluded the fans, but one of them, the ‘Pocho’, remains on the sidelines since Thursday and has trained on the other hand in what the institution has determined as a “personal issue” of the midfielder.

Unofficially, it is known that Víctor Guzmán has been separated from Chivas, but none of the parties have clarified this point and even Luis Fernando Tena, a strategist of the Tapatios, said that he cannot speak on the subject at the moment and “in the next few days they will have more news and more clarifications. “

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The Sacred Flock prevailed with the goals of José Juan Macías and Alexis Vega before a team that had no response at the Akron Stadium, so today they took a great first step for what they promised throughout the preseason, but the noise generated by the case of Víctor Guzmán without a doubt he makes headlines when the ideal scenario is to talk exclusively about the victory against Juarez as there is a halo of mystery around the case of the player and his situation.

The version exposed by the player refers to purely personal issues, which he will continue in the process of resolving in the coming days, however there are uncorroborated versions on a sensitive issue, but the nature of the conflict is unknown, however they are spoken of situations committed to the player.

What is a reality is that there is no official version about it, and Guzmán’s future remains an unknown.

With information from José María Garrido



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