Fallon Sherrock tie against Durrant on debut


Fallon Sherrock wrote darts history again on Thursday evening: she was the first woman to play a match in the unibet Premier League Darts – and what a match!

Against Glen Durrant, BDO world champion in 2017, 2018 and 2019, the 25-year-old was about to win, but was also happy about an honorable 6: 6 in the end. Sherrock’s first win in this competition was lost in the twelfth leg.

After their sensational appearances at the World Cup 2020, the PDC had selected the 25-year-old as one of a total of nine “challengers” who will take part in the tournament alongside the nine professionals.

Fans celebrate Sherrock

Sherrock was already frenetically celebrated by the spectators in Nottingham while walking on stage. Many fans had dressed in pink and wigs with long blonde hair on their heads.

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She handled the pressure of having the full attention of the evening on her side very well. Up to the level of 3: 3, Sherrock and Durrant brought the legs through with their own throw.

Sherrock manages the first break

Then the game began to gain momentum and drama. With a check-out of 92 points, Sherrock made the first break. In the following leg, Durrant missed three ways to get the break back – and was 3: 5 behind.

Same picture with Sherrock’s next launch. Durrant again failed to finish the leg with three arrows – this time he left 16 points.

Sherrock led 6: 4, the mood in the hall was at its peak.

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Durrant saves himself to a draw

However, Durrant kept his nerve. First he brought his own throw through, then he saved himself with a goal in the double 16 to draw.

Despite the missed opportunity to win, Sherrock has proven once again that she can keep up with the best male darts players in the world.

A look at the statistics also proves this. Your check-out rate was 50 percent. Durrant faltered on the doubles and only reached 22.73 percent.


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