FilGoal | News | Garedo conference: I was the last African champion for Al-Ahly


Coast coach Juan Carlos Jarredo of Tunisia returned the credit to Al Ahly for winning his last African title, before confronting the two teams expected.

Al-Ahly will play against Al-Najm on Sunday evening, in the fifth round of the African Champions League groups in the match that will be held at Al-Salam stadium.

“Everyone knows that the last championship that Al Ahly won was during my time as coach of the red team,” Jarrido told the pre-match press conference.

The Spanish coach added, “The match is certainly difficult, and the competition will not be decided until the last round, and the team’s levels are very close.”

He continued, “Our team includes distinguished elements and my trust in them is very great, while our local results do not represent pressure on us as a guide to our export to the African Group.”

He concluded his statements, “We do not suffer from the impact due to the absence of Yassin Al-Shekhawi or the main guard, after the entry of Aladdin Ayoub, the goalkeeper.”

Al-Najm tops the second group of the Champions League with 9 points equally with Al-Hilal Al-Sudan, 7 points before facing Al-Ahly, which comes in third place.

Jarrido led Al-Ahly to win the Confederation of Africa title in 2014.

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