FilGoal | News | Moselhi: Saleh Jumaa? A great player but Al-Ittihad needs certain qualifications


The head of the Alexandrian Federation, Mohamed Moselhi, revealed negotiations between his club with Mohamed Ibrahim, the Egyptian clearing player, while he completely denied any negotiations with Al-Ahly’s Saleh Jumaa.

“We are trying to include Mohamed Ibrahim from Egypt for the clearing,” Moselhi said in statements to the program (Stadium On) on On Sport. We had contacted the club already, but our difference with them was because of the quality of the deal.

“Talaat Youssef, the coach of the team, does not want loans on loan in the coming period, and we currently only have two players, Razak Cisse and Ahmed Refaat.”

The president of the Alexandrian Federation added, “They wanted to loan the player to us, with the intention to purchase at the end of 10 million, which is an exaggerated number in my view.”

And Moselhi moved to talk about the possibility of including Saleh Jumah player Al-Ahly, and he said, “It has never happened that our request to include Saleh Jumah is just journalistic jurisprudence.”

In response to a question, why can’t Saleh Juma be included? “Saleh Jumaa is a very big player, but the Alexandrian Federation needs certain qualifications,” he said.

Al-Ahly coach Renier Fyler revealed that Saleh Juma will not have any opportunity to participate with the team in the coming period.

The 27-year-old has never appeared on Al-Ahly’s list this season in various competitions.

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