Handball European Championship: Austria gambles sensation against Spain


handball is a brutal sport. Not only physically, but also for the mind. You can be really close to one sensation, but still shows score another picture after 60 minutes. 30:26 it was said on Sunday in the duel of the Austrians with European champions Spain,

After the second loss in the second game of the European Championship main round in Vienna is it for Austria maximum for third place in the group. On the way there is waiting on Monday Germany (8.30 p.m.). Spain takes the semifinals with the maximum points Stockholm,

In the team’s opinion, the Spaniards’ style of play should be better for the Austrians than for the Croatians, who had clearly shown the limits at the start of the main round red-white-red. There was also the good omen: At the debut of team boss Pajovic in the spring, the Austrians had surprisingly won against the European champion – albeit in a test competition.

Herburger saw red

But even in an emergency, the team’s assessment should prove to be true. The Austrians were not surprised by the Spanish attack patterns. Thanks to a compact defensive performance, the game was open and exciting. Also because both teams kept making minor technical mistakes in the attack. Above all, the Austrians should have gone into the cabin with a break, but they handled their chances of scoring – for the first time in this tournament – too lightly.

It was said at 16:17 when the siren sounded. And the Austrians took bad news into the cabin. Defense specialist Herburger saw the red card in the 26th minute after a hard foul.

Without the Switzerland legionnaire in the center of defense, team boss Pajovic had to reorganize his defensive. Not an easy task. But Austria struggled. Unlike against Croatiawhere you never felt Austria could seriously endanger the favorite, the giant wavered this time.

It was only in the 41st minute that the Spaniards had thrown out a comfortable lead of four goals for the first time. Above all, the higher quality of the substitute bench was the decisive factor in favor of the guests in these minutes.


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