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HC Ambri-Piotta filed a protest in the middle of a penalty shootout on Friday evening in Friborg. And that after a transformation of Killian Mottet. The Leventine maneuver had nothing to do with the success of the top scorer in itself (already very limited), which forced the officials to go see the video. “We found that the Friborg goalkeeper (note: Reto Berra) had left his area during Mottet’s attempt. What seems to me forbidden. A goal like this, however, was canceled a few seasons ago in Davos due to the relocation of Leonardo Genoni, said Ticino coach Luca Cereda. We asked the referees to return to look at the images to that effect, but they refused. We then protested. ”

However, this was not confirmed after the match and will lead to nothing. One thing is certain: Gottéron had nothing to complain about the refereeing after his victory (3-2). Witness the start of the action which led to the reduction of the score for the Dragons (52nd Vauclair 2-1), where an offside position for Flavio Schmutz was not whistled. Why did Ambri not use his right to the coach’s challenge? “It’s going so fast,” reacted Cereda. We weren’t sure there was an offside. We didn’t want to take the risk of having the goal validated and ending up in box play behind. ”

In the end, Friborg did “well”, said striker Adrien Lauper. “Things have turned out in our favor, so much the better for us. We take!”

Jérôme Reynard, Friborg

Created: 25.01.2020, 00:04


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