Jürgen Klinsmann: Hertha-Coach trainer license expired


Has Jürgen Klinsmann missed the much-anticipated duel with his former club FC Bayern?

As the image found out that the 55-year-old Berlin coach no longer has a valid trainer license!

“In the case of Jürgen Klinsmann, proof of a valid license is currently missing,” says a statement by the DFL, which the newspaper published.

The DFL licensing regulations stipulate that head coaches of the Bundesliga and second division teams must have a valid soccer teacher license from the German Soccer Association (DFB) or an equivalent valid coaching license. Loud image Klinsmann and Hertha were asked by the DFB to present them until the Bayern game. This had not happened until Tuesday.

Klinsmann: “Simply forget the documents

“When I got on the plane towards Berlin at the end of November, I didn’t think I needed my trainer license and proof of further education, because I didn’t know that I would become a Hertha trainer,” Klinsmann told the newspaper:

“At Christmas I simply forgot the documents. There is currently no one in our house in California because my wife is at our daughter’s place of study. But I am in the process of teaching all the necessary documents.”

Klinsmann is lacking evidence

The former national coach had received his trainer license in 2000 as part of a special DFB course. It has to be renewed every three years, for which Klinsmann and Co. would have to prove 20 hours of training.

“We know that he (Klinsmann, ed.) Has undergone further training in recent years, for example in Mexico and Brazil, but where less attention was paid to certificates. Together with the DFL and Jürgen, we will discuss specific measures “Jürgen can fill the gaps again, for example by participating in the international Elite Trainer Congress in February in Mainz,” said Tobias Haupt, head of the DFB Academy image cited.

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DFL believes in a quick fix

It is rather unlikely that Klinsmann may not actually sit on the bench against Bayern.

In a statement, the DFL made it clear that a quick solution to the problem is expected.

“According to the licensing regulations of the DFL e.V., the head coach of a license club must have a valid soccer teacher license from the DFB or an equivalent valid international coaching license. In the case of Jürgen Klinsmann, proof of a valid license is currently missing,” it says.

And further: “The DFL is in contact with Hertha BSC and the DFB about the extent to which proof of a valid license can be provided or the license can be extended. We are confident that the issue will be resolved quickly.”



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