Rubens Sambueza simulates having a glass of beer before Chivas VIDEO


Mexico City /

The hobby of Chivas don’t forgive Rubens Sambueza for his Americanist past. Therefore, tonight, the rojiblancos fans did not get tired of messing with the Pachuca player today, to the extent that every one who touched the ball was booed or even threw objects at him.

It was at minute 38, of the match between Tuzos Y Chivas, held at the Hidalgo Stadium, when the left-hander approached the gallery to take a corner kick and there several rojiblancos followers began to throw glasses, the player did not charge and raised a glass of beer which he pretended to drink, and then throw it into the grass.

Sambueza He showed a good level during the duel before the Flock, so that the Tapatios fans did not stop insulting him and putting pressure on each play, a situation that did not diminish the player of the Pachuca.



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