“That should be punished with all severity”


The domestic basketball is shaken by a suspected betting fraud scandal before the Cup Final Four in Schwechat at the weekend. The focus is on the UBSC Graz. As the Murstadt-based company announced yesterday, they separated from five suspicious players – two Americans and three from former Yugoslavia – and filed a complaint. “It’s a black day for UBSC Graz,” said manager Michael Fuchs. The straggler innocently came to kiss the hand. “If there is a suspicion, there is zero tolerance,” he added.

Basketball player arrested for possible betting fraud

Five professional basketball players from the Austrian league have been arrested.

The suspects were arrested on Monday for risk of escaping and darkening. The public prosecutor assumes that several games have been postponed, the match BC Vienna against Graz on 8 January was particularly noticeable when the Styrians were only 18 on the way to a 60:64 defeat after a 17-point lead at break Get counter after page change.

“In the background, defeats by UBSC Graz were bet with a certain point difference,” said the authorities. Who and how much the bets were placed is still the subject of the investigation.

Fuchs stated that the board had already decided against the Wels at 69:85 at the beginning of January to file a complaint. At the request of the police, confidentiality was initially committed so as not to endanger the investigation.

“We then sat at the game and knew that it might not work out like that. It’s a horror,” said Fuchs, describing the previous games with the knowledge of possible manipulation.

Huge image damage

“UBSC Graz behaved exemplary in this case,” agree Gmundens CFO Harald Stelzer and Flyers-Wels chairman Michael Dittrich. “This is damaging the image of our sport, which is the most popular behind football worldwide,” said Dittrich, who hopes for complete clarification. Stelzer also expects this: “This is not a trivial offense, but cheating on an entire community. It should be punished with all severity and is at least as reprehensible as doping.” Both Dittrich and Stelzer would “put their hands in the fire” for their players.

Another league insider told OÖN that rumors about banned betting had been circulating around a Graz player for a long time.

The league announced yesterday that it would wait for the authorities to investigate. However, it seems likely that any scenarios will be discussed at the league meeting (3pm) in Schwechat on Friday. As Fuchs said yesterday, he already has several substitutes in the rear to continue the game.



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