V. Berezutsky explained why he did not go to Kazan with Slutsky


V. Berezutsky explained why he did not go to Kazan with Slutsky

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Former CSKA player and ex-coach of Vitessa Vasily Berezutsky told why he decided to abandon the option of working in Kazan “Ruby” along with Leonid Slutskywho led the club.

“I now have half of the things in the Netherlands, half in Russia. I wouldn’t stand the third settlement. And most importantly, children who are very difficult to transport from one city to another. Plus they go to school. Now they had to be returned back as quickly as possible. It is not simple. Oleg Yarovinsky made another choice – his wife and children remained in the Netherlands until the summer. Unfortunately, we did not have such an opportunity.

Is it possible to join Rubin a little later? We will see. If Leonid Viktorovich again offers, everything can be. There was a concrete proposal from Slutsky about Rubin.

I consulted with my brother, but decisions were taken separately, ”the correspondent of the Championship, Denis Tselykh, reports Vasily Berezutsky.

Great interview with V. Berezutsky. About working with Slutsky, honest Dutch and Ustinov’s defense

As always – frankly and in places with corporate humor.


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