Xolos is looking for a lonely amateur in La Corregidora


Queretaro, Queretaro /

Xolos began the search for an amateur who accompanied them this Sunday in Querétaro, to recognize his support despite the defeat against Gallos Blancos.

The passion for his team was demonstrated by a lonely Xolos fan, who despite everything, was in the area designated for the visiting club in the Stadium La Corregidora de Querétaro and he continued to support his team, accompanied only by the security device.

Although there were more fans in the stalls sector, in the area that is normally occupied by the club that visits the Querétaro, I was just an amateur.

This was recognized by Xolos and the brand Charly, who started the search, to thank you for your support.

Xolos lost this Sunday 3-0 in the visit he made to Querétaro, within the Day 2 of the Closing 2020.



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