Sports – Chairman of Bat Fai Bless the fans – Jo Coco joins the Onyx Dragon horse

Friday, December 31, 2021, 4:57 p.m.

on the New Year’s Eve agenda welcome new year “Dr. Anongwan Thepsutin, president of the Sukhothai FC club,” said a happy new year to Sukhothai fans. And Thai football fans wish you success and fulfillment in what is expected. And during the epidemic crisis of Covid-19, I wish you to be free from all sicknesses. Thank you to the football fans who always support Sukhothai FC team well and in the year 65 ask the fans to support more than before. And as the club’s executive, I pledge to create results to achieve the goals. For the happiness of all football fans, Dr. Anongwan Said that for the second leg near the opening next week. Of course, it will be a challenging race in every aspect, including winning. to collect points Maintain a rank that can be automatically promoted. and the covid crisis that all athletes must take care of themselves as best not to touch get the virus
“The competition in the second leg Of course, the team we’ve won. he has to take it back And the team that we’ve done failed to get back to him as well. Therefore, eyewashing must happen for sure. The more intense competition Sukhothai FC team ready to enhance the capabilities of the team To maintain the goal of promotion within one season,” said Dr. Anongwan.
As for the dragon horse, “Rayong FC” manages to enhance its fangs by seizing ASEAN quota players like “Jor Coco”, a shooting star for the Myanmar national team from “Phrae United”, joins the army, which is considered a player. The third case after the two top players who grabbed to join the team in the past, such as “Chakkrit Niyomsuk” from Nakhon Ratchasima, Mazda FC and “Kenzo Nambu”, a samurai offensive from Nakhon Pathom United “Jaw Coco”, currently 30 years old, started playing with the club in the home league “Seyashwe Mye” before moving to the famous team in the Myanmar league “Yangon United” and is a key person. led the agency to win the Myanmar National League up to 2 times and General Aung San Shield 1 more time. 53 games scored 16 goals for the results of our home league “Jor Coco” has joined the team “Chiang Rai United” to play in the Thai League in 2017, followed by Samut Prakan City, Sukhothai FC, Chiang Mai United and most recently in At the beginning of this season with “Phrae United”, having played in the Thai League 2 this year, 11 matches, scoring 2 goals, before being referred to wearing a horse shirt, the dragon horse to go to Thai League 2, of course.



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