Sports fans cry “SAT.” You can’t watch the SEA Games if you have to pay expensive royalties”: PPTVHD36

Thai sports fans storm the comments on the page. The Sports Authority of Thailand is pleading with the SAT governor not to buy the rights to broadcast the SEA Games in Cambodia if the host sets the selling price too high.

After Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand or SAT, confirmed that Cambodia, the host of the 32nd SEA Games, set the sale price for broadcast rights to broadcast the SEA Games in Thailand, the most expensive in ASEAN. This is close to the figure of 28 million baht that came out in the news earlier.

Make the latest trend of Thai sports fans in the online world. Began to oppose buying the rights to broadcast the SEA Games. by joining to comment on the Public Relations Division page, SAT, in that way

SAT Governor reveals SEA Games target Thailand must be a gold medalist in international sports. extend the olympic games

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If the royalties are too expensive It’s not worth the investment. important to believe Thai sports fans understand. And there is no need to watch the live broadcast.

For example, there are also comments.

– Thai people do not watch live coverage of the SEA Games in Cambodia.

– Ask SAT executives to consider the use of the people’s taxes when buying the rights to broadcast live sea games.

– If you buy a SEA Games license which is more expensive than other countries Prepare to receive the trip.

The reason why Thai sports fans do not agree with buying the rights to the SEA Games In addition to being expensive Analysis that Thailand has problems with Cambodia for Gun Khmer, including Cambodia still organizing competitions that are not reaches the standard after having many local sports competitions. However, the SEA Games It is in the rule that it must be had. that must be broadcast live so that Thai people can see each other already


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