Sports – keep an eye on the world of elite football! Intensive management of ‘buy-sell teams’ to extract Tao Capital – Mr. May destroy the roots of the community

Thursday, 2 February, 2023, 9:59 pm

Keep an eye on English football The government aims to strictly control the purchase of teams Tao Capital Selection – Nai Mai destroys the roots of the community.

On February 2, 2023, the website of the British newspaper The Guardian presented the news. ‘Signs are positive’: Tracey Crouch encouraged by football regulator leaks He quoted Conservative MP Tracey Crouch as saying there were positive signs from the British government. In establishing an independent organization to oversee the country’s football leagues

Previously, The Sun, the famous tabloid newspaper of the aristocratic city Claims to have seen a conceptual document from the British government. That would give the regulator the authority to determine the source of funds for individuals or entities that would buy English football clubs. Including issuing an order prohibiting participation in unsanctioned competitions and punishing teams that violate it. The “Football Governance Review” calls for sustainable reforms.

Krauss went on to say that he has been encouraged by news reports that his recommendations are becoming law for the 2024-25 season, although some of the advice from fan-led reviews may not have been given at work. But the most important content is from what they have read It seems that the government has accepted and will follow its basic advice in introducing an independent regulator with the support of the law.

Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) chief executive Kevin Miles said today’s report states that many of our ideas have been included in the “White Paper.” Tougher on potential club owners More Sponsor Commitment to prevent such a divisive competition European Super League and establish an independent governing body Looking forward to seeing the full document when it is released. and once again the association engages actively and constructively with the consultation process to ensure that regulators are as effective as possible

The Guardian report quoted The Sun as saying that regulators could spend their money subsidizing lower teams if the Premier League (EPL) and the English Football League (EFL), the country’s two governing bodies of football leagues. , quoting The Sun as England said. can’t agree. The negotiations have not yet been settled, with the EFL saying that last week Wanting to halve the financial gap between the bottom division of the Premier League and the best teams in the Championship, the independent body will also give football club licensing system in place which ensures that clubs operate in the interest of the public, support and community And the football teams that will take part in the competition must be licensed teams in lonely

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, said it was not initially predictable what the law would look like. But it is expected to be published soon, however, probably not next week. We remain committed to driving the radical reforms necessary for football’s long-term sustainability. The exact details of the plan are being finalized and will be announced shortly. What is being done with this white paper is to seek the right balance in general to ensure that the country retains and supports some of the best football teams in the world. and also respect the rights of football fans AND ensure they are at the heart of these plans to deal with the major problems the industry is facing.

For reports from The Sun mentioned, it is. FOOTBALL CHARTER REVEALED The biggest change to football ownership in years – what it means for your club Published on February 1, 2023, with an example of the case of Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire who used to own the club. Chelsea’s “Indigo Blue Lion”, but was later forced to sell the team and leave the Premier League The city’s elite top football league After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Abramovich was accused of having ties to the government Russian.

In addition, under the new policy fans will take more part in the management of the club. Including having the power to veto executives who want to change the team’s crest and kit in a completely different way. As for the role of an independent organization that will oversee it Look at the person who will buy a football team in the city’s elite league. and if they cannot explain the source of the funding Buying and selling teams are not allowed. To protect the club from financial and cultural destruction.

Also various clubs Still having to pay into the supervisory authority’s fund. according to the financial situation of each team in descending order The money can then be used to support football clubs in the lower leagues. to survive It also has the power to ban and punish clubs from taking part in events that have not been certified. What had happened in the case of some teams that wanted to join the European Super League until there were protests in 2021

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