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Photo = courtesy of KIA Tigers

[스포츠타임스=정현규 기자] KIA Tigers applied the new’KIA’ logo to the club’s corporate identity (CI) and uniform, and changed the color.

KIA inherited the status and tradition of the prestigious club that won the 11th Korean Series through CI color and design changes, and expressed the progressive will for victory.

First of all, the emblem’s’KIA’ logo has a new logo that contains the meaning of balance, rhythm, and ascent. The background color of the emblem combined with the home base and the’V’ pattern that symbolizes Victory was changed to black (Tigers midnight black).

The emblem’s word mark applied red (Tigers Live Red) with improved saturation compared to the previous ones, which inherited the tradition and expressed the forward-looking spirit of the club. In particular, the intense contrast between red and black symbolizes the passion of the players and fans, and at the same time expresses the authenticity of the best prestigious club in the KBO League.

KIA also changed the uniform and hat by applying the new CI color. First, the word mark on the home uniform was changed to black with the new KIA logo. The’V’ line, which symbolizes victory on the back of the uniform and uniform, also applied the color of’Tigers Midnight Black’ to express the intensity.

The away uniform changed the main colors to black and red with bold cotton division. The’V’ line, which fills the gap between red and black, stands out with white to contain the messages of’passion’ and’victory’. The colors of the hat, undershirt, and belt were unified as’Tigers Live Red’ for both home and away uniforms, giving a sense of unity.

An official from KIA Tigers said, “The CI and uniforms that will be used from this season have applied the parent company’s new logo and expressed the club’s progressive will to leap forward to a new future.” Please look forward to it.”

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