“Sprague 3” sees cheaters for the first time, hit 37 multiple missiles in one game | 4 Gamers

Recently, Switch’s very popular third-person battle shooting game “Sprague 3” also appeared to be illegal players. Some Japanese netizens uploaded a cheater replay perspective, which caused heated discussions among players.

It can be seen in the video that the cheat “Douyu.DK2” fired “multiple missiles” in a distant and infinite burst in the savage competition (point battle) of “Sprague 3”. Multiple projectiles are special weapons, and a large movement that relies on normal attacks to smell the ground to accumulate energy bars. In a 3 minute battle, the average player will play about 3 to 5 rounds, and the player this has played 37 rounds.

After Twitter player @m_Xmas2000’s revelation, some players below also responded that they encountered the same cheat in other games, and in that game, the cheat used the same method to hit 23 multiple missiles.

Since the cheater ID is preceded by “Douyu”, the Chinese pronunciation is Douyu, so some people have suspected that it is the live host of Chinese Douyu, but there is no evidence to name which one is Douyu Master of Living.

Although for veterans, it is not difficult to avoid if there are only multiple missiles, but being fired in such an endless burst will definitely destroy the rhythm of the attack a lot. How this cheater did it on the closed Switch platform is unknown, and now we can only wait for Nintendo to find out. Historically, the penalty for such offenses has been permanent account closure.

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