Spread fin! “Bow Melda” attends “Alek’s mother’s birthday party” netizens tease

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January 11, 2022 – 11:02

Spread fin! “Bow Melda” attending mother’s birthday “Alek Theeradej” Netizens flock to tease

Called love to begin to bloom in full for the couple of young actor Alexandre Theeradej and the young heroine, Bow Melda, recently made fans secretly satisfied. after there is a picture of a girl Bow Melda Popped in to attend my mom’s birthday party. Alek Theeradej A close brother on January 8, 2022 in the past, this event made the fans of Jin Jin scream together in IG ever.

Young Alexandre has posted pictures in the past. while her mother carried herself as a child through her personal Instagram. @lekteeradetch with a congratulatory message saying “Happy birthday Siu Hui. And Happy Children’s Day in one picture. Love you mom.

This event, Bow Maiden does not miss it. Comments under the post said: “Why is the little man crying? Happy birthday and happy children’s day. May you be healthy, lucky, rich and safe from covids. “

Which has friends in the industry and fans come to tease the cuteness of both of them a lot along with many blessings to the mother of young Alexandre

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