Spread through the settlement; Police arrest Cougar, finally?

It is now common for wildlife to come to human settlements in search of food. It is concluded that this is due to food scarcity and habitat degradation. Cougar, who arrived last Sunday behind a house near 230 Street in Canada, is now in the news. During the day, the cougar was found near a house in the city and was caught by the police.

It is common for such invasive species to be captured and euthanized when they enter a human settlement. But here the cougar was caught with narcotics and was found in the woods and decided to be released.

Ridge Meadows RCMP and Conservation Officer decided to rehabilitate Cougar without subjecting him to euthanasia. Urban animal lovers also supported the decision. Cougar was evacuated from the city after being drugged and handcuffed.

Conservation Officer Julie Klosner said the cougar was priced because of public safety. Cougar can sometimes be violent, even when intoxicated. This is why the cougar is so expensive. Authorities and animal lovers are relieved to have rescued the cougar without being euthanized. The cougar was later taken to the forest and released.

English Summary: Police Officials Handcuff Cougar After It Was Caught Prowling Through Residential Neighbourhood In Canada

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